Around Westville’s Pond

Around the Westville PondThis is far from being a spectacular photo, but people who live, lived in or walked around Westville, New Jersey probably know exactly where I took this shot.

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Ghost Sign on 12th




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Sunset from 17th Street


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Espresso Meringues



Espresso meringues dipped in chocolate – I use them like some people use Hershey’s Kisses to fill out a cookie box. But these little cookies really deserve some respect. They’re light, gluten free – casein free if you forgo the dipping in chocolate part, and pretty! You can churn out 5 dozen cookies in no time at all! Continue reading

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Taking Holiday Orders


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On Bainbridge


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The Fall of 1982

Spooky TreeI think this is somewhere near Gateway Regional High School late in 1982. I shot this for a photo elective course I was required to take as an illustration major at the Philadelphia College of Art. I think the skeletal quality of the leafless tree appealed to me so I dedicated a frame of Pan-X negative film to it many moons ago.

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All Aboard!


Another restoration from my collection of old family photos. As usual, it’s an unmarked photo – and I had no idea what kind of uniform he was wearing. Initially, I thought he was a fireman in his dress uniform, but I noticed there was a number on his cap, and researching old photos of firemen in the town I grew up in, it wasn’t a match. I did a Google image search, and I came upon this photo of a man in a similar coat with multiple pockets – he was a train conductor. Oh the beauty of the internet! I still don’t know who he is – but hopefully someone will chime in and solve the mystery. Original photo behind the cut.  Continue reading

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With the holidays approaching, I’ve beginning to stockpile cookie dough for the freezer. I pick one afternoon – crank up the Frank, Ella, Perry, and Esquivel holiday music and bake like a lunatic. I’ve never made rugelach before, so I thought I’d give it a shot. You can’t really go wrong with a dough that’s comprised of butter and cream cheese, and filled with raspberry jam, pecans, chocolate chips, and chopped dried cranberries.  Continue reading

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Up on the Circle

Park N' Eat • 1982The following frames are among my favorite shots from this Photo Elective series. They are photos of a defunct greasy spoon known as the Murphy House that sat before a swampy marsh up in the area where Westville ended.

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Buckeye Cake



A Buckeye cake is chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, and a chocolate glaze drizzled on top. If you thought I got a little heavy handed with the frosting in between the cake layers, that’s not frosting – it’s a peanut butter cheesecake! Oh yeah.  Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Joe!


It’s been our tradition since we’ve been dating to make birthday cards for each other. Joe’s head is a photo I took of him on our third or fourth date, I used it on the very first birthday card I ever made for him and then on all of the ones that followed. Sometimes when you have a good concept – you just gotta roll with it.

Happy birthday Joe!


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Happy Thanksgiving!


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