Pizza Bread



Dip this bread in marinara and you’re all set! Toast it, or slice a hunk and eat it over the sink like I do. This bread is easy to make – the most labor intensive thing is chopping the toppings. Hey, that rhymed! Anyway, this was a huge hit with the fellas – which means I’ll be making it again soon.  Continue reading

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PIFA Street Fair


A Ferris wheel on Broad Street!

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Katharine Hepburn’s Brownies



Katharine Hepburn went to Bryn Mawr, won 4 Academy Awards, and wore trousers before they were fashionable. Personally, I think her biggest accomplishment is this recipe for brownies. They are fudgey, gooey, and a snap to throw together. Make these brownies!  Continue reading

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Davy Jones’ Locker

woltzerI came upon this fantastic memorial during a stroll through Fernwood Cemetery in Lansdowne, PA just outside of the Philadelphia city limits.

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Cinco de Mayo Kick Off


Carnaval de Puebla Parade – 9th and Washington on Sunday afternoon.



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Easy French Bread



We’ve all been there – you need bread for dinner, but didn’t plan ahead to whip up a no-knead loaf, the bakery is closed, and your eyes are rolling like a slot machine at the “Italian” bread in your grocery store. Here’s an easy, four ingredient bread (five, if you count water as an ingredient) to make in about an hour, and it’s good!  Continue reading

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The Edgar Allen Poe School

Poe-school-detailI spotted this fabulous architectural ornament while on one of our South Philly Safaris.

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Cinnamon Sugar Apple Muffins



On Sunday, the temperature dropped and I regretted storing my winter coat. The wind picked up, and I decided to stay put for the afternoon and whip up a batch of muffins. An apple studded, soft cake with a crunchy topping, perfect partner with a cup of coffee on a chilly spring day.  Continue reading

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Deep End

Deep End

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In the Eye of the Beholder


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East on Carpenter

Down Carpenter StreetWalking home from the YMCA early in the morning.

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Lemon Meringue Pie


LemMerSliceI love lemon meringue pie, although I’ve never made one before, I decided that Easter would be a perfect opportunity to do so! It looks like there’s a lot of steps – pre-baked pie shell, cooking the filling, making meringue, and the more steps, the more things that can go wrong. But it’s actually pretty easy, and I decided that even if I screwed it up and it was inedible – there’s always ice cream in the fridge!  Continue reading

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Marie’s Grocery


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