Happy Birthday Lloyd!

The Boy turns nineteen today – where does the time go? I was thinking about his tenth birthday when he decided he wanted a Neapolitan cake for his birthday. That meant baking three different cake layers, which I was trying to avoid, so I told him that Batman had Alfred order him a carrot cake, and Aunt May makes a chocolate cake for Spiderman. He wasn’t buying it, so a Neapolitan cake it was. Anyway, choice of cake has morphed into choice of dinner, which tonight will be pulled pork sandwiches, my sister-in-law Pat’s famous coleslaw, and Lay’s Wavy Chips. Cake recipe to follow!

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Happy Birthday Plywood!

Happy 3rd birthday to our dear Plywood, who crashed our barbecue, charmed our socks off, and found himself a home. He loves roast chicken Mondays, naps on the sofa, and Amazon boxes. Enjoy your salmon dinner, birthday kitty!

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Feline Friday

Screened window on the world
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Tomato Gravy with Onion & Butter

This recipe originated with Marcella Hazan, I’ve been reading about it on various food blogs for years. All you need are three ingredients, a can of San Marzano tomatoes, an onion, and butter to make an amazing gravy. Simmer time is 45 minutes, so it’s relatively quick to put together. So good, and yet so simple!

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Waiting for Pizza

Waiting for pizza at Lorenzo’s on 9th & Christian.

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Feline Friday

Chiaroscuro Cat

Chiaroscuro kitty.

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Scratching Up a Valentine

My Valentine to Tina this year. Created with a combination of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

A Valentine for my Joe, 25th in a series! Happy Valentine’s Day, spread a little love around!

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My Childhood Captured on a Single Page

Regular readers of the site are probably aware of the fantastic illustrative work of Tina Garceau. If not, you can head over to this page for a heaping helping of her incredible work.

I’ll wait.

Are you back? Good!

As you can see, she uses a combination of clipart, scanned images and her own photography to craft these clever collages. Lately, the images she likes using the most are taken from mid twentieth century catalogs. We scour thrift stores, flea markets and online auctions for these marvelous tomes. They also make great gifts! While some wives may expect jewelry or flowers as a gift, Tina is deliriously happy with a mouldering catalog that may or may not smell like a basement. She received the 50 year old John Plain catalog from me as a Christmas gift.

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The fellas went to the movies on Saturday, which I took as a perfect opportunity to make tortellini. I have to say, it was a labor intensive process, but at the end of the afternoon, I had a nice sized container of ricotta stuffed pillows for my Valentine’s Day dinner!

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