Rumble in the Record Store

Rumble in the Record StoreYeah, I’m back again with another doodle in the cheap sketchbook. What can I say? This torch that I found cannot be drowned. It seems that I haven’t enjoyed doodling this much since I was about five years old. Back then I used to spread my paper and pencils in front of the TV set while Wee Willie Webber unspooled hours of Ultra Man, The Three Stooges and Marine Boy on WPHL.

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Lamb on the Grill

Spotted on a Philadelphia Housing Authority truck in Bella Vista.

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Atomic Warrior V Pink Zeppelin

Atomic Warrior VS Pink ZeppelinMore fun with Derwent’s water soluble pencils and the Sketchbook from Heaven. Continue reading

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Italian Pear Cake

We were spoiled by spring-like days of temperatures in the mid-sixties, until the thermometer dropped thirty degrees. I took that as a sign to turn on the oven and bake something! I had a couple of stray pears in the fruit bowl, and decided a pear cake would fit the bill.  Continue reading

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Looking South – The Royal Theater

Photo by Wenzel J. Hess

I am mournful to report the obliteration of another piece of Philadelphia’s past. The Royal Theater on 15th and South was built in 1919, and showcased African American entertainers. While it may not be as historically significant as the city’s other gems, it was an important part of the city’s musical history – giants of the 20th century performed here – Fats Waller, Bessie Smith, Cab Calloway, and Billie Holiday. The Royal closed in 1970, and after years of neglect, and the appearance of a willing buyer – The Royal Theater met the wrecking ball.  Continue reading

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You’ll Never Get to Heaven If You Break My Heart

After crowing about my new, favorite sketchbook recently, I decided to look for more of the same since I was tearing through the current one at a rapid clip. I looked at the websites of online as well as brick-and-mortar retailers and came up dry. Typing in “sketchbook” gave me endless inventories of the more expensive journal type of drawing pad that I am trying to avoid. I grew frustrated and decided to contact Horizon Group USA, the company that distributed the book, and plied them with all the information I had — the size, where it was purchased, the serial and stock numbers printed on the back cover — and told them how much I was enjoying their fabulous product. A representative from the company speedily responded to my query: Continue reading

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Cat on Montrose Street

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A Tail of Two Birthdays

When the vet was guesstimating a birthday for Plywood, she penned February 24th in his chart. Since Lloyd’s birthday is the 25th, we now have a back to back celebration. I’m pretty sure Plywood thought the balloons, pulled pork sandwiches, and orange creamsicle cake on Saturday night was an extension of his special day. If the cat wants to prolong his birthday, who am I to argue?  Continue reading

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Orange Dreamsicle Cake

My boy is a year older, and a shoe size bigger – and that calls for a special cake! Orange cake with an orange cream filling, and topped with a cream cheese frosting. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, because it’s not every day you turn seventeen!

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The Cat Requires My Attention

I think the cat wants my attentionPlywood the cat decided to use my sketchbook as a pillow. Okay, you have my attention.

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Happy Birthday Plywood!

We met Plywood when he crashed a BBQ we had in early June. We didn’t realize it, but he was auditioning for his new family.  Continue reading

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The Sketchbook from Heaven

In the past I have written about sketchbooks I have bought that seemed like a good idea at the point of purchase but failed miserably when put into practice. Either the sketchbooks looked handsome on the shelf and proved unwieldy in use or for reasons diabolical they simply refused whatever artistic attempt with which I was happy. I refer to these sketchbooks as the Sketchbooks from Hell.

Today, I offer you, dear readers, the Sketchbook that very well may be from Heaven.

Cheap sketchbook from Target Continue reading

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First Library Card

Kindergarteners at Philadelphia’s Southwark School get their first library card.

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Dom’s Shoe Repair

A magnificent sign located at 13th and Tasker in South Philadelphia.

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