Lemon – Raspberry Coffee Cake



I love a good one pan – no frosting cake, it’s perfect for a busy weekend like the one we just had. It’s moist, with the addition of fresh raspberries, and a sprinkling of confectionery sugar make this cake really special!  Continue reading

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Pope Francis made of mozzarella.

Papal-Mania is sweeping the nation and swamping the city! We’re drowning in a tsunami of draconian security measures, 24 hour hype from the news media, and an insane amount of  keepsakes. We’ve seen t-shirts, buttons, flags, bows, a stuffed Francis, a waving Francis, and cross shaped soft pretzels.

The best of the bunch came from the folks at Pastificio Deli – a mozzarella shaped Pope! They commissioned a local artist to sculpt a bust of the Pope and had molds made – genius! (Click on the photos to enlarge.)

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South Philly Sunrise


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The Victory Building at 10th and Chestnut

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Coffee Coffee Cake Muffins



Coffee flavored coffee cake muffins – they go perfectly with a cup of….wait for it…..coffee!  Continue reading

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Summer is Over

Summer is OverIt was fairly hot this week, but Sunday got decidedly cool. The days are getting noticeably shorter as well. It looks like Summer is most certainly over.

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Friday Five – Number Ninety Eight



Ninety-eighth in a series creating a collage using five elements.

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Chinatown Express

Chinatown ExpressThis is one of my photo elective photos, but it was not shot in the Southern New Jersey town where I lived with my parents. This time I went wandering around the City of Brotherly Love just across the Delaware River from the place I called home. I guess I was trying to capture a little urban verisimilitude. Continue reading

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Portrait of a Lady with Hat and Muff


Another restoration from my stock of old family photos. I’m not sure who she is, so I’ll post her in various Facebook groups in hopes that someone will recognize her. It’s a great portrait – a fancy hat, fur trimmed coat, and a muff to keep her hands warm. I predict in this age of texting, muffs will make a comeback if this winter is as bitterly cold as last year! Original scan behind the cut.  Continue reading

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Not Quite Dead

not-quite-deadHaving received an email about the obsolescence of my Roku HD from the company that manufactured it,  I recently wrote an obituary for my dear departed media player. I was in mourning, but it seems that the reports of my Roku’s demise were somewhat exaggerated.

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Peach Berry Pie

Food-Header-1PeachBerryPieIt’s September, and I couldn’t resist squeezing one more fruit pie on here before we bid summer adieu. The temperatures were in the 90s last week – it certainly didn’t feel like fall. However, the berries and peaches in the market are still glorious, and now that swimsuit season is officially over, it’s time to indulge!  Continue reading

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Ladies Entrance


As I go on work related jaunts in South Philly, I discover these little pockets of the city that time has never affected. This is one of those places – the Brothers Two Z Lounge on the 1400 block of West Ritner Street.

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Day for Night

Sacred Heart of Jesus ChurchI had a bit of Photoshop fun with a lackluster photograph of a spectacular structure in South Philadelphia.

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Not Fade Away

Roku HDI’ve sung the praises of the Roku set-top box before. For the uninitiated, Roku’s website can be found HERE or you can chase down articles I’ve written for this site HERE and HERE. The short story of the Roku is that it’s a tiny box that hooks to a television and draws it’s content from the internet such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon’s Instant Video and hundreds of oddball and wildcat stations serving every imaginable interest.

Netflix on the Roku

A shot of the old Roku screen

As I’ve said before, I have loved my Roku since I first bought it in 2010, but I recently received an email from the Roku company. The subject line read:

Important notice for owners of classic Roku players (made before May 2011).

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