It’s Almost Here!


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Three More Days ‘Til Halloween!


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Four More Days ‘Til Halloween!


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Avenue Grill Preserved


One of the things I love about South Philly are the mom and pop businesses who go the extra mile to preserve the history of what was there before them. Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting Moonshine restaurant at 1825 East Moyamensing Avenue. I spent some time talking to the owner about the renovation of the restaurant – the preservation of the original tin ceiling, and the months spent painstakingly stripping away many, many coats of paint off the bar to restore it to it’s former glory.


It was well worth the time and expense – it’s gorgeous! In the back is a small dining room where two photos are on display of the business in 1938, courtesy of an elderly neighbor whose uncle owned the bar back then. I snapped a few photos, and cleaned them up a bit. Thankfully, they’ve kept the charm of the old place. You can take a look at the restaurant today, and their menu by going here!

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The Pastry Bag Is Mightier Than The Sword



Our friend Dan is retiring at the end of this week, and I was asked to make a cake to celebrate this momentous occasion. The hostess asked that the cake read “good luck dan”. Now, if you’re familiar with the birthday cake portion of this site, you may have noticed that I never write on my cakes. It’s a phobia of mine. What if the type isn’t centered? What if I accidentally misspell “birthday”? What if I run out of room? Could I get away with using Betty Crocker Cake Decorating Letters? Probably not.  Continue reading

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In My Room

drafting-table-1982Here’s another Photo Elective shot that seems more like an act of desperation than an intentional attempt at art. Continue reading

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Cross Section


Walking a block up the street from my house, I froze at this sight. A neighbor’s home was in the process of being demolished. What’s disconcerting is that it looks as if I took this shot while seated in a theater watching a play. It looks like a set, but it’s not. It’s somebody’s home being torn down. The walls have been rent asunder releasing ten million memories to the ether. I look at that staircase and think of children running down it insane with the anticipation of what Santa Claus had left them in the living room below.  Continue reading

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Pineapple Cake



I found this recipe at Savory Simple and just had to try it. I love pineapples, one layer cakes, and baking on a whim. This cake fits the bill. The list of ingredients are basic pantry items – which is perfect or dangerous when you feel like having a little slice of something after dinner.  Continue reading

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Our 19th wedding anniversary was drawing near, and I was in a panic! It’s our tradition to make cards for each other, and I wanted to give Joe a special, classy gift – a portrait of us trapped in a brandy snifter with the mandatory artificial rose. Much to my dismay, this service is no longer offered. What gives, are photographers too busy Instagramming? I had to take matters into my own hands, and fabricate my own. I’m glad I did, I think it’s a keeper!

Happy anniversary Joe!

…and she hands the mic over to Joe…

Continue reading

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Friday the 13th

fri-the-13-detailBeing that Halloween is practically upon us, I figured I would dust off this curious piece of ephemera found in a flat file cabinet at a Philadelphia area printer.

Continue reading

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The Philadelphia Experiment


A work assignment brought me deep, deep down into South Philly this week – down to The Navy Yard. I’ve lived in Philly for a long time – but this is the first time I’ve been down to one of this city’s more historic locales. It’s not a functioning military installation anymore, but there are a lot of mothballed ships docked down there. It’s an interesting vision. Continue reading

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Banana Coconut Cake



In an attempt to use up the spotted bananas on the kitchen table and the leftover coconut from last week’s birthday cake – I give you Banana Coconut Cake. A lovely, moist cake that can hold it’s own without frosting. Although, if you’re feeling decadent, I suppose you could always drizzle a glaze on top – or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Your call.  Continue reading

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Fox Cleaners

Fox CleanersOff of my beaten track but it’s Philadelphia just the same. 7343 Elmwood Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19142

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Happy Columbus Day!


Columbus Day is on October 12th, but the Columbus Day parade was held on the 11th. Starting at Washington Avenue and ending deep, DEEP in South Philadelphia. One of Philadelphia’s favorite sons, Frankie Avalon was this year’s Grand Marshal of the parade, along with Philadelphia radio legend Jerry Blavat in a celebration of all things American, Italian, and Philadelphian.  Continue reading

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