Topless Spinach


Occasionally when I’m shopping on 9th Street I’ll see a produce box with great graphics on them. Such was the case on Saturday when I spotted this crate. I’ve decided that I’m going start shooting the exceptional ones, and share them.

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Happy Birthday, Tina!

10-07-2014Here is this year’s birthday card for Tina. I decided to ape her Friday Five fashion with this one.

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Apple Crumb Pie Bars



I love bars because they’re portable – they pack into a ziplock bag and you can just toss them into a lunch box. No plastic container or fork needed. Apple crumb pie is a nice way to start your week! Continue reading

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Friday Five – Number Sixty Seven

FridayFiveHeaderFridayFive67Sixty seventh in a series creating a collage using five elements.

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On the Rocks

on-the-rocks-detHere’s another of John Capewell’s glass negatives that I thought I had previously published, but I guess I haven’t. It looks to be John’s brother James George Capewell perched upon the rocks up at what I assume is Niagara Falls.

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The Grey Man – Payback


J.L. Curtis has written a second book The Grey Man – Payback, and he invited me along for the ride to design and illustrate the cover. This is quite an honor because Mr. Curtis is quite a writer – his first novel sold well and had tremendous reviews. His books are rock solid adventure yarns that would make great movies! I appreciate Jim’s decision to use my work because action adventure novels are certainly not something I get to do every day. I’d also like to point out that this is his second book to come out this year! While we were putting the first novel to bed in March, he was already working on book two – amazing!

Deputy Sheriff John Cronin and his granddaughter, Jesse, are preparing for Jesse’s upcoming wedding to her Marine when the Cartel decides to murder some South Texas cops as a payback for arresting their drug smugglers. They send a hit squad to kill Cronin, Jesse, and everyone close to the family. The only problem? They missed the old man. Leaving his badge behind, John Cronin, Francisco and a few others head south to teach them a lesson about what old school western justice really means.

Congratulations Jim on another great novel! You can buy the book here and there’s a Kindle verion too.

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Scarf Boy

it-came-from-the-SB-banner-2scarf-boyA while back the site Stuff White People Like did one of their many lists of objects and activities particular to Caucasians, and one of them was women wearing scarves as a year ’round fashion accessory. I chuckled because I had noticed that a lot of lightly complected females were indeed wearing scarves. Then the humor turned to annoyance as I noticed more and more scarves. The temperature didn’t seem to matter. One brutal summer day the mercury had reached 98°F and the humidity was at a tropical level when I saw a young women draped from just beneath her jawline to about mid thorax with a huge scarf. It was almost a tablecloth, and I stared at her slack-jawed in amazement. Of course, her office may have the air conditioning turned down to a temperature safe for storing meat, but not outside! Even the simple act of breathing was exertion enough on a day like that to make sweat gush from every pore. It was ridiculous, and I was bashed over the head with the old adage that some people would rather look good than feel good. Misery is preferred over comfort in the pursuit of fashion which explains high heels although high heels look good. The attraction of an extraneous piece of cloth wrapped around one’s neck eludes me.

As I noticed on the subway platform the other day, it looks like the trend has migrated to the other sex or at least to someone that qualifies as the opposite sex due to the presence of the Y chromosome.

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Apple and Honey Cake


HoneyAppleCakeEvery fall, I find a mums plant on the wall in my backyard, it’s a gift from my neighbor who lives behind me. As I’ve said before, we’re very fortunate to have great neighbors. People who live in small towns tend to have the misconception that folks who live in cities are distant and unfriendly. But the truth is we’re just like you – without the lawns to mow. I baked this cake on Saturday afternoon and gave a hunk of it to my neighbor – cause that’s how we roll around here! Continue reading

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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Let-Sleeping-Dogs-Lie-detHere’s another in a series of photographs that John Capewell shot of his children with the familiar lodgepole chair, a curtain of corn as a background and the family pet. This appears to be Capewell’s son John, Jr.

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Urban Pumpkin Patch


It’s autumn – school’s back in session, the days are getting cooler, and we can start planning this year’s Halloween costume. I love this time of year!

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PCA – The Class of ’68 – The Painters

As I said in recent weeks, Tony Visco handed me a blast from our Alma mater’s past — The Philadelphia College of Art’s yearbook from 1968!

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies



It’s fall – school is back in session, I have to get up an hour earlier and it ain’t pretty! Turns out, high school starts earlier than grade school, but it’s apparently a big secret. No one tells you that your child’s bus pick up time is going to be at the crack of dawn. So you go from getting up in the middle of the night feeding and changing your child to the delight of them going to grade school, to getting up again in the middle of the night to send them to high school. I’m too old for this crap. I’ve invested in a good concealer and I try to get as much done as I can the night before – coffeemaker set, clothes laid out, cookies bagged. It’s an adjustment, and I’ll get there – eventually. But really, this is something they should tell you at the OB/GYN office when they hand you a copy of “What To Expect When You’re Expecting.” Oh, and by the way – these cookies are really good. Make them.  Continue reading

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Chicks Will Dig You!

too-cool-for-you-detIs it the mod haircut, the happening turtleneck or the aloof attitude?

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Lady on the Path

Lady-on-the-path-detI’m not sure where this was shot, but it looks like John Capewell’s wife Ella is the subject, and from the manner of her dress, I would guess it is very early in the twentieth century.

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