Cappuccio’s Meats


My son and I were walking home yesterday at dusk when I shot this photo of Cappuccio’s Meats on 9th Street. It’s a family owned business that opened in 1920. Cleavers, well worn cutting boards, and the most amazing selection of sausages in the city. I feel compelled to shoot photos of 9th Street now and again so that down the road, I have a personal record of how it was. There seems to be a rapacious hunger to tear down just about everything and replace it with uninspiring structures. I want to try to capture some of the true feel and charm of this area before it, God forbid, vanishes.

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The Photo Elective – Murphy’s Tavern

Last week we did pretty well with a visit to The Mardi Gras Club and were actually graced by the presence of the Miss Vicki. Over on the Facebook pages for Westville and Gloucester City there was a lot of back and forth between folks there offering their memories of the place and time. Somebody mentioned Murphy’s Tavern which brings us today’s post.
Murphy's Tavern
As I said before I had a photography course in art school, and I recently uncovered several plastic binder pages filled with the negatives. I don’t remember what the assignments entailed, but being that I lived in Westville and commuted to school, I shot pictures in Westville. My fellow art students lived in dorms, student housing and apartments in Philly and shot every square inch of Center City Philadelphia. At the time, I thought my photos were lackluster compared to the other kids’ cosmopolitan shots of glass and brick and steel in the big city. Now that I’m looking at my shots with fresh eyes, they’re not that bad. I wish I shot ten times as much!

As always comments, questions and anecdotes are welcome, and feel free to leave them below.

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Apple Cinnamon Bread



This bread is amazing! It’s a fine crumb cake with chunks of apples with brown sugar and cinnamon topping. I was thinking it would be a nice thing to serve at breakfast if you had guests at Thankgiving – unless of course you didn’t want them hanging around after Thursday…..  Continue reading

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The Last Halloween Post of 2014


Photo by Alexandra Tyler

I swear! I just couldn’t end the season without showing you the pinball costume Alix of Modern Kiddo made for her son Wolfie. She was mulling over making a pinball machine costume and found our site googling for inspiration. She chose a space theme and did a fantastic job on the graphics! She sent us photos of the outcome and we were bowled over! I want to thank Alix for giving us permission to post her photo, and while you’re at it – click here to see what she came up with the year her son decided he wanted to be a meatball. It’s good stuff!

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A Memorial or a Graveyard or Both

memorial-detIt’s been busy lately and I’m finding myself shoveling against the tide of time so I picked this glass negative by John Capewell to run this week without the foggiest clue as to what I’m running. I didn’t have a chance to submit this to one of our favorite experts like Jerseyman so I’m leaving this one up to you, dear readers. Where is this?

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The Photo Elective – The Mardi Gras Club

This post falls into a category that I call The Photo Elective. Back when I attended the Philadelphia College of Art, I majored in illustration and all illustration majors were required to take a pricey, one-semester photography elective where each student was required to purchase a 35mm SLR camera, black-and-white film and a laundry list of darkroom accouterments necessary to process one’s own film and create prints from those negatives. The school (meaning those who paid tuition) sprung for the chemicals. We reluctant photographers went dutifully about our assignments which usually consisted of faux art, ironic juxtapositions and stuff we hoped would get us a passing grade and get us the hell out of the elective.

I recently uncovered my cache of negatives from art school safely tucked away in sleeves in a three-ring binder. I don’t really recall what the projects were about, but what I found interesting was the stuff I took to kill off a 36-exposure roll of film so that I could process it. Some of these shots are of things and places that aren’t there any more.
Happy HourI started this category with an analog, black-and-white, 35mm film shot of a portion of Gloucester City, New Jersey, and when I posted it to a Gloucster City and Westville Facebook page, I got a lot of positive feedback. There were a lot of conversations back and forth, and, more than once, the subject of other locales, hang-outs and watering holes came up which brings us to today’s post.

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Making The Photo Booth Costume

We wanted to go with another electrified vending or arcade theme as we’ve done in the past, but we were running out of workable ideas. We kept kicking around themes that would have been mere derivatives of our past successes. A coffee machine? Nah. My husband was thinking about a cigarette machine filled with defunct brands like Fatima, Chesterfield, and Phillip Morris but we were both convinced only he would think it was funny. So debate continued, and we finally settled on the Photo-Booth.


One thing I’ll say about my son – he’s a trouper! There aren’t many kids who would walk around with a 30″ wide box strapped to their body and not complain. What made this costume so funny was that it was ridiculously big! Fortunately some adolescent growth spurts made him capable of carrying this monstrosity around the neighborhood. Continue reading

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Apple Brown Sugar Upside-Down Cake



If November flies by as quick as October did, it’ll be Thanksgiving before you know it. Since I’ll be making dinner this year, I’ve been test driving some desserts. This cake was a big hit, and the fanned apples make it pretty enough for the Thanksgiving dessert table!  Continue reading

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Halloween 2014


Continuing our vending machine theme, this year we’re going with a photo booth. Happy Halloween!!!

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Child of the Corn

child-of-the-corn-detYes, I know I’ve gotten plenty of mileage out of the Children of the Corn joke, but it’s almost Halloween and photographer John Capewell used this field of corn as a backdrop for a number of his photographs.

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Halloween Roundup


Two more days until Halloween and we’re working on this year’s costume. The big reveal is on Friday – so stay tuned!!! More behind the cut.  Continue reading

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The Photo Elective – Gloucester City, NJ

Gloucester - 1982Back when I was majoring in illustration at the art school formerly known as The Philadelphia College of Art, we were required to take a photography elective. We shot black and white film; developed the negatives and made prints. The assignments were fairly tedious, but not as tedious as the faux art and ironic juxtapositions that naive art students figured were expected in a big city art school. What’s more interesting are the shots I made just to finish out a roll of film. That’s what I was doing here. I was on my way to school on a NJ Transit bus and killing off a roll of Pan-X.

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Yeast Rolls



The best part about making a pot roast is being able to serve it again for dinner two nights later. I get out of cooking, freeing up time to make yeast rolls on a weeknight.  These rolls are soft and light in texture and easy to make. I’d offer hints of what to do with day old yeast rolls – but they seemed to have disappeared! Continue reading

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A fifty cent mask we found on 9th Street this morning.

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