JuniperJuniper looking North in Philadelphia, PA. It’s sort of a seedy alley that runs parallel to Broad Street. I used to race my bike down here when I worked second shift at a place near 13th and Vine. It wasn’t an area you wanted to dawdle in at night. It looks positively pleasant in the daylight.

Post processing in Affinity Photo

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Friday Five – Number Ninety Four



Ninety-fourth in a series creating a collage using five elements.

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Arm Wrestling


Another mysterious family portrait, the man in the middle holding the stop watch is my grandfather. The other two guys –  they may be co-workers from American Thread, brothers, cousins, or friends, hopefully someone chimes in. I do love the staged scene, and the button boots which dates this photo in the late teens. Original photo behind the cut.  Continue reading

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Henry H Has Left the Building

Taws Artist Materials circa 1988

Photo courtesy of Kristen Nyberg


Taws – on the extreme left – looking pretty much the same in 1950

An art supply store has operated from this locale close to the corner of 16th and Walnut in what’s known as Center City Philadelphia since 1897. It has changed hands a number of times through the decades, but it’s always been known as Henry H. Taws. When I went to art school, it was one of the art supply stores we all knew about but seldom entered because they were pricier than the other stores and tended to favor their professional clientele. We would only head to Taws when everybody else was out of stock of an item, and we had no choice. If nobody else had it, surely they would. That was their reputation.

Once inside, the customer was greeted by an overstuffed shop filled to the rafters with tools and supplies that would satisfy practically every artistic discipline except photography. It was fun to look around and salivate over their offerings that the meager budgets of art students could never afford. Of course, after being accosted the third or forth time by an insistent staff member, it was time to go.
A Center City Art Supply Store circa 1991 Continue reading

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69th Street

69th StreetWhere the Market-Frankford Line originates or terminates depending on where you’re headed or your point of view.

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Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie



Despite the tarts and pies I post here – I try to balance it out with healthier choices. For instance, I keep a large container of cut up fruit in the fridge all summer. After spending three to four hours in the pool on the weekends, my son comes home ravenous. A smoothie made with Greek yogurt and fruit is enough to tide him over until dinner.*

(* Plus a few graham crackers and maybe an additional banana! Who am I kidding?)  Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Dan!


A very happy birthday to our friend Dan – Vietnam Vet, Phillies fan, photographer extraordinaire, and all-around-good-guy. Hope you have a swinging’ day!

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Beating the Heat at Dilworth Plaza

Dilworth Plaza in PhiladelphiaShot at Dilworth Plaza at the center of the city where Broad and Market Streets intersect — City Hall.

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Positive I.D.


I’m always posting old family photos with the line “I have no idea who these people are”. People – write down names on the backs of your photos!  Fortunately, I’ve had amazing luck posting my photos to various Facebook groups, I’ve been able to identify people in my photos and discover a little bit more about my family tree.

I love this photo because it’s an oldie and not taken in a studio. If you look closely, there is an arrow pointing to the woman on the left. The back of the photo reads “My mother, Rhea Garceau”. So, although I have no idea who the woman on the right is – the woman on the left is definitely my grandmother! Original photo behind the cut.  Continue reading

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Walking City

10th and Market10th and Market Streets in Philadelphia, PA. One of my From the Hip shots with a point-and-shoot camera with about five minutes of post-processing playing around in Affinity Photo.

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Black and Blues


BlackBlueSlice copy

If you’re going to make pie crust, you may as well double up on it and stash some in the freezer. That way, when you happen upon beautiful pints of blueberries and blackberries in the market on a Sunday morning, you can throw a pie together without much effort. So, I made this pie on Sunday morning, went to the pool with a view with the fellas (I’d call it by name, but it seems to be the “pool that no one knows about” and I’d rather keep it a secret). It was a beautiful day for it, the water was the perfect temperature – not too warm, not too cold, ideal for swimming laps. And swim I did, knowing that a large hunk of pie was awaiting me post pool!  Continue reading

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Broadway & Olive Circa 1982

Once it was SmilesHere’s another shot of the shop formerly known as Smiles. I have posted about this shop before, but this is a different view. This is the corner of Broadway and Olive Street circa 1982.

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Friday Five – Number Ninety Three



Ninety-third in a series creating a collage using five elements.

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Drake Under Glass

Drake-from-the-KimmelThe fabulous Drake shot from the interior of The Kimmel Center of the Performing Arts at Broad and Spruce Streets in Philadelphia. I shot this when I went to see Philadelphia Television legend Gene London.

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