Thor Was a Lady Before

COMICS-HEADhyperextended-fingersLast week I had showed you delightful readers Alex Ross’ version of a female Thor from the late 1990s. As it turns out, a few years before that another woman wielded Mjolnir!

And who was that lady with the impossibly hyper-extended fingers that would put Bela Lugosi to shame? (I tried to put my fingers in the same position to see if it was possible and got a tremendous charley-horse in my palm!)

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Fettucine di Mezzanotte



This pasta has capers, anchovies, crushed red pepper, tomatoes, and is heavy on the garlic. I wasn’t sure that my son was going to like it since I got the side eye as he watched me add the anchovies to the saute pan. I’m happy to report that it got his stamp of approval, and mine – it was absolutely delicious!  Continue reading

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Today we’re celebrating our 5th anniversary at Willceau Illo News! Thanks for dropping by our little junk drawer, and for your comments, links, and pins.


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Friday Five – Number Sixty One



Sixty first in a series creating a collage using five elements.

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I’m Leaving It All Up to You!

DSCN1336-detThis may or may not be related to the photo shot by John Capewell that I posted last week. It may be a different angle of last week’s shot or an entirely different body of water all together. As the song says, dear readers, I’m leaving it all up to you!

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A Quilt for Katie



Our niece Katie is going to make our family a little bit bigger next month – she’s having a baby boy! Katie is a roller derby queen who loves donuts, sriracha, and has a great sense of humor. Which will come in handy in the delivery room – you see, the kids in our family have noggins the size of bowling balls. You find yourself talking your 5 year old out of being a fireman for Halloween because you know the helmet on the department store costume doesn’t have a ghost of a chance fitting on his head. On the plus side – we do make spectacularly good lookin’ kids! What was I talking about? Oh yeah – Katie (and Patrick) are having a baby – and I made this quilt to celebrate the happy occasion!  Continue reading

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Crêpes with Yogurt and Fresh Fruit



Lately, Sunday brunch around here has consisted of pancakes or French toast. I decided to shake things up and add crepes to the menu. They’re easy to make, can be done ahead of time and refrigerated. I topped them with yogurt, fruit, and a drizzle of maple syrup, it’s a perfect dish for a hot summer morning.  Continue reading

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Been There, Done That

COMICS-HEADIs it just me or is Marvel Comics suffering from short-term memory loss?Earth-X-5Thor, Goddess of Thunder was in Marvel Comics Earth X series about 15 years ago.

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Rainier Cherries


Another experiment with KOLA filters.

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A River or a Creek

river-or-creekHere’s a photograph by John Capewell featuring either a river or a creek. If I were to hazard a guess, I would say it’s the Big Timber Creek being that the Capewell family resided in Westville, New Jersey, but I’m far from certain. It could be any where.

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Beauty & The Niece

Beauty-and-the-niece-detI was hunting through an old four-drawer filing cabinet in my studio for something that eluded me and has now completely escaped me when I came upon this old snapshot of me under heavy zombie makeup and my niece Jessica playing a hapless victim unconvincingly.

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Waffle BLT with Avocado



Thomas’ Bagel Thins are my son’s go to bread for BLTs, except that we ran out. We were also out of bread. * hangs head in shame * However, there was leftover waffle batter in the fridge, so I fired up the waffle iron and made waffle BLTS!  Continue reading

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Surviving the Summer Thanks to Westinghouse


There’s nothing like an old fan – one that could take a finger off. This fan weighs 13 pounds and was manufactured by Westinghouse in 1941. It takes up residence in my kitchen from June to August. We got the fan from my father-in-law, who lubricated it and replaced the worn cord. It works splendidly and will probably last another 73 years!


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Summer in the City


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