What’s Better than Roses on Your Piano?

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Rhubarb Crumb Muffins



My obsession with rhubarb continues – this week in muffin form. These muffins have the perfect amount of fruit and the crumb topping is heavenly!  Continue reading

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Where Pride Breeds Success!

Untitled-3-detDoes pride breed success or is it the success that breeds pride? Is this a cart before the horse issue or chicken before the egg? Continue reading

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Eleven Ladies


I’ve been scanning and restoring old family photographs – many that were taken in the 1910s. Sadly, none of the people in my collection of photos are identified – except for this one. My grandmother is in the back row on the left. I’ve always been curious about this photo – are they related? Is this a group of school friends? I’m hoping someone out there recognizes their relative and chimes in.

UPDATE: Thanks to the Vertefeuille & Maurice family Facebook page – the woman seated on the left in the middle row is Parmelie Vertefeuille.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The woman seated in the middle row on the right is Yvonne Vertefeuille.


Original scan behind the cut.  Continue reading

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The Spice Corner


Sunday morning on 9th Street.

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Friday Five – Number Eighty Two

Friday Five - No 82 Eighty-second in a series creating a collage using five elements.

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Aloha Means Good-Bye

Aloha means good-byeAnother platter from the Stax O’ Wax Collection of a huge stash of records found at a Philadelphia area printer.

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Neck Wallet Hack



Last week I made a neck wallet for a friend who was the victim of a pickpocket. While rummaging through my sewing box, I came across some cord I forgot I had – so I thought I’d whip up a second one for her.  Continue reading

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A Piece of Musical History Bites the Dust

IMG_6445A place familiar to people who attended the Philadelphia College of Art is gone as well.

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Strawberry Rhubarb Tart



It’s truly spring when the trees are budding, and I find rhubarb on 9th Street. The man I bought it from asked if I were making a pie, when I confirmed that I was – he suggested adding a tiny bit of allspice to the filling. I did, and it was delicious!  Continue reading

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Friday Five – Number Eighty One



 Eighty first in a series creating a collage using five elements.


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Stax o’ Wax – Huge Stash of Old Vinyl Records

A Customized Van Full of HappinessA customized van full of happiness!

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Neck Wallet



I made this neck wallet over the weekend for a friend of mine who had her wallet stolen on a rush hour bus coming home from work. The thief unzipped her purse, removed the wallet, and zipped the purse back up. She wasn’t aware it happened until her credit card company notified her. My friend was born and raised in the city, so she knows the perils of an unban environment – so if this could happen to her, it could happen to anyone. Hopefully, this wallet will give her some peace of mind.

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Doctor Who

Doctor Who on TVBack in the 1980s, I went to art school, and I along with all of the other illustration majors were required to take a minor course in photography. We had to shoot the photos as well as process the negatives and make prints. I don’t recall what the particulars of the class assignments were although I can tell from looking at the negatives which were the assignments and which ones were shot just to finish off a roll. The shots to finish a roll are a lot more interesting. This is obviously a shot to kill off the roll. Tom Baker portrays the Doctor in syndicated reruns on America’s Public Broadcasting System. The show was popular at the time this photo was taken, but no where near as popular as it’s recent incarnations seem to be.

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