You Keep a Knockin’

stop-knockingThis says it all! A note attached to a door on 11th Street in between South and Bainbridge. Taken with my horrible cell phone camera. Folks, never leave home without a decent camera!

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The Vintage Soda Machine


For 2016, we went with a vending machine theme again. Due to unforseen complications, we were going to scrap it – but decided to stay the course and pulled this costume together in two days. We thought that this would be a great idea due to the city’s recent decision to tax soda. That tax has yet to be implemented, and we won’t be able to afford to make this costume next year!

The graphics were done in Adobe Illustrator, printed and cut out. The main body consists of two presentation boards glued together. The other boxes were scavenged from delivery boxes. It was finished off with parts of Halloweens past. It may have been the least expensive costume we’ve built,  and certainly the quickest.

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Halloween 2016


The vintage soda vending machine!


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Happy Halloween!



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Affinity Designer After Midnight

London after MidnightHere’s another Halloween Horror Head I created in Affinity Designer while I waited for my son’s early morning bus. I was trying to do something different, but I wound up with another vampire. This one is based on Lon Chaney’s iconic monster. from the silent classic London After Midnight.

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Five More Days Till Halloween



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South Sixth Street


I spotted this beauty on South Sixth Street on my way to a job.

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Apple Cinnamon Bread



It was cold and rainy on Saturday, and there’s no better excuse to turn on the oven and bake. If you have two lonely Granny Smith apples in your fruit bowl, you too could make this lovely loaf of apple bread!  Continue reading

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I Was a Vector Frankenstein

I Was a Vector FrankensteinThis was the guy that started it all. I did him as an icon experiment in Adobe Illustrator back in 2006. I was trying to keep it as simple as possible and played with the blending modes of the various layers. I was pleased with the way it came out so I tried some other monsters in the same rectangular format. That didn’t work out. The format fought me all the way, and never went too much further than the sketch stage. I deserted the notion until recently when I fired up Affinity Designer and proceeded to doodle. The new software and 10 years seemed to make the difference.

Truth be told, I did bring this 10-year old Illustrator file into Affinity Designer to resize it and to place the watermark in order to match the others.

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I Was a Vector Werewolf

I Was a Vector WerewolfHere’s another Halloween Head I created in Affinity Designer as I’ve spent my too early mornings waiting for my son’s school bus, and if I say so myself, I am pretty pleased with this. I really wanted to do a werewolf, and I had tried several passes in both Adobe Illustrator and Affinity’s product over time only to be unhappy with the shape of the head. There are a number of half-baked and abandoned attempts, but this one took. Continue reading

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Glorious Relic

Philip's RestaurantAnother glorious neon relic from a bygone era sadly in need of restoration, but I don’t think there is the money, interest or will. A beautiful job was done on the Boot and Saddle sign just up the street, but I fear that Philip’s sign will further wither and decay. I hope I’m wrong.

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Zombie in Affinity Designer

Zombie in Affinity DesignerHere is yet another Halloween Horror Head I created in Affinity Designer. This guy is a zombie, but not the flesh-eating variety that first hit cinema screens back in 1968 and seem to have never left. I meant this guy as more of a traditional zombie of Voodoo legend and very old movies that once played regularly on UHF television stations. Sure, he’s a member of the living dead, but his existence is a hellish one of indentured servitude even after he has expired. That is the sad and miserable thing about zombies — there is no such thing as retirement. Always at somebody’s beck and call. Worked his whole life; died, and then he has to work his after-life until his body falls apart.

I worked on this creature over a couple of early mornings as I was waiting for my son to be picked up for school. This fellow came out a lot better than my attempt at vector walking corpses I tried in Illustrator a few years back. Affinity Designer seems to make it more fun. Maybe that’s why this is turning into a series.

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Stuck on You


Shortly after walking down the aisle twenty years ago, this photo was taken. My groom, unaccustomed to wearing any type of jewelry, was twisting the brand new wedding band around his finger. I like to joke that he was trying to pull it off. Twenty years later, it’s still there, so – we’re good!

Happy anniversary, Joe – looking forward to the next twenty!

….and here is my card to Tina:
xx-yearsIt all went by in the blink of an eye…

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Mechanical Menace in Affinity Designer

Mechanical MenaceHere’s another doodle similar to The Count which I cooked up over the course of a couple of early mornings using the vector art program extraordinaire Affinity Designer. I cobbled together the Mechanical Menace with a number of the program’s shape tools along with gradients and transparencies. This was a lot of fun, and I think I may squeeze out a few more of these before Halloween.

Continue reading

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