Laundromat Angel

Figure on the wall at Tenth Street Laundromat at 10th & Ellsworth in South Philadelphia.

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Looking South – Spring For Sale

Temperatures in the 40s and the threat of snow, made these daffodils a sight for sore eyes on 9th Street last weekend. Spring, where are you?




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Chocolate Cream Pie

Chocolate cream pie is a diner classic, and was the decadent finish to our Easter dinner. It’s also very easy to make, a pre-baked crust, chocolate filling made on top of the stove, topped with sweetened whipped cream. Of course, you could skip the crust, and use a store bought chocolate cookie crust – it would be delicious either way!  Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

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Bow Tie for Easter

As is our tradition of devouring a Dutch baby pancake at Easter brunch, the other is sewing a bow tie for the Boy to wear to church. Bow ties are a great way to use up small bits in your fabric stash, since they only require two 11″ x 2 1/2″ panels, and one piece that’s 4″ x 2 1/2″. There’s an easy tutorial here.



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Gaiety Sandwich Shop — an Update

Gaiety Sandwich ShopPeople constantly scour the Internet seeking the newest of the new. What I love about the Internet is that it is also a nearly infinite backlog of information. There is something for everyone, and something that may have been posted years ago is always new to a fresh pair of eyes. Case in point is the above photo which is a 35mm negative I shot as part of an art school course and forgot about in 1982; rediscovered and scanned 10 years ago and wrote a post about it on this website back in 2011. When I wrote the post, I had no idea where I shot it. I knew it was in Center City Philadelphia, but I had no idea of the exact locale until a fresh pair of eyes fell upon the post, and the owner of those eyeballs reached out.

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Macaroni Salad

It may be wishful thinking on my part, but macaroni salad reminds me of warmer weather, which I’ve been longing for during these 40º days. Takes no time to whip up a batch, and is a perfect accompaniment for burgers or fried chicken.  Continue reading

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Happy Palm Sunday!

At Betty Ann’s Italian Market Florist.

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Green Cat

Our curious cat nuzzled up to Joe as he was checking something on his phone. The dramatic lighting of Plywood was too much to resist, so Joe snapped off a few frames. This was one of the better shots.

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Head’s Up!

Cappuccio’s Meats on South 9th Street.

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Looking South – 2nd Day of Spring Snowfall


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Peanut Butter Banana Brownies

We’re back after technical difficulties. Our internet went down on Sunday morning and thanks to Marko – a technician with Verizon who braved the snow and our curious cat, got us back up and running! To celebrate our new box in the basement and router, and to use up the overripe bananas in the fruit bowl, I give you Peanut Butter Banana Brownies.  Continue reading

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Don’t Feed Them After Midnight

It’s always the way: I am tearing the place apart looking for something which I never find but I uncover something which I had completely forgotten about. In this case I found a couple 0f pages of stickers promoting Joe Dante’s Gremlins (1984) and the fruity goodness of Hi-C! Continue reading

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The Grey Man – Twilight

The Grey Man – Twilight, book five in a series written by J.L. Curtis, is now available on Amazon. It’s also the fifth book, I’ve had the pleasure of designing!

Never count an old man out, even when he’s hanging up his hat!

Deputy Sheriff John Cronin is looking forward to a quiet retirement, working on the ranch, and handing it off to his granddaughter Jesse. And he’s got to pass on a generation worth of investigations, but it’s not as easy as handing over the case files and the keys. First, he’s got to train Aaron Miller to fill his role, from the way to dress for rural juries to the finer points of stakeouts and murder investigations, Texas style.

Between the oil patch workers and the cartel’s drug runners, there are plenty of loose ends for him to tie off… or terminate…

Congratulations Jim, on another fine novel!

ETA – It’s also available on Kindle, you can get it here.




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