Lemon Meringue Pie


LemMerSliceI love lemon meringue pie, although I’ve never made one before, I decided that Easter would be a perfect opportunity to do so! It looks like there’s a lot of steps – pre-baked pie shell, cooking the filling, making meringue, and the more steps, the more things that can go wrong. But it’s actually pretty easy, and I decided that even if I screwed it up and it was inedible – there’s always ice cream in the fridge!  Continue reading

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Marie’s Grocery


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Holiday Fatigue

it-came-from-the-SB-bannerHoliday FatigueSomewhere at the end of the ’80s I started dating a girl just after the holidays. I sketched out this little cartoon combining Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter for her as a gag greeting card.

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Spring on South Street


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South Philly

Urban TextureUrban texture on Carpenter Street off of Broad.

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Bow Tie for Easter Sunday



Easter is approaching, and the Boy requested a new bow tie for the occasion. A bow tie is easy to whip up – instructions are here!


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Gift wrap a bottle of Cutty

Cutty for ChristmasAnother photo of the Southeast corner of Broad and Spruce Streets shot from the building on the Northwest corner of that same intersection. The last one I posted here was in color and shot about a year after this one.

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The Food of the Gods



Growing up, there was always an aunt who made ambrosia for the holidays. Any salad which included marshmallows as key ingredient was a-okay with me! According to ancient Greek myths, ambrosia is the food of the Greek gods imparting immortality to those who consumed it. I had no idea Cool Whip had been around that long!  Continue reading

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Strawberry Galette



It’s March, one day we’re sans jacket, the next we need our polar fleece. March can’t make up it’s mind. However, there are strawberries at the market, and nothing says warmer weather like a fruit galette!  Continue reading

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Erin go ARRGGHH!

charred-van_sideOn my way to Saint Rita’s on Broad Street this past Sunday I was dismayed to find what looked like the remains of a Saint Patrick’s Pub Crawl that went very badly.

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Looking West from Broad and Spruce

South Rosewood StreetLooking out the back or West side of the Atlantic Building which was known as Anderson Hall at the time and housed the Philadelphia College of Art.

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DeMarco Variety


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Above Broad & Spruce in 1983

Above Broad & Spruce in 1983This is a photograph I shot from what was once Anderson Hall on the Northwest corner of Broad and Spruce which once housed The Philadelphia College of Art. This is probably the 7th floor where the illustration majors were situated. It was an old office building and the windows could open offering fairly interesting vistas such as this uninterrupted by filthy panes of glass.

Of course the shot may have shown a little more if I weren’t so afraid of leaning out of those windows.

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Never Say Never Again


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