Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

On Saturday morning, the vendors on 9th Street had 2 pound boxes of gorgeous strawberries for $1.50. Which made me peckish for strawberry rhubarb pie – problem was, no one had rhubarb. Then I got the bright idea of hitting up Anastasio’s Produce on Christian, and they delivered! (As a matter of fact, they even had fiddlehead ferns – which will warrant a return visit and a future post!) Getting back to the pie – this time I switched it up and used brown and granulated sugars and grated orange zest for flavor – I think it’s my best yet!  Continue reading

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Looking South – Broad Street Run 2017

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The Sketchbook from Heaven is fading fast. I only have a couple of blank pages left as of this writing. I’ll soon be moving on to the sketchbook I cleaved in two in order to approximate the aspect ratio of my soon-to-be completed pad. Hopefully the new sketchbook will be as good to me as the cheap one which was dumped into Target stores during Christmas as a “one-shot deal” never to be seen again. Continue reading

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Looking Up at The Drake


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Rimworld – Into the Green

The latest effort of author Jim Curtis arrives today in the form of Rimworld – Into the Green. Ordinarily, Mr. Curtis writes in the action adventure genre, but this time he’s giving his readers a novel length science fiction saga. The cover comes courtesy Willceau Illo and is now available in either a printed version or ebook edition.

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Sautéed Dandelion Greens

The boy and I were on our usual Saturday jaunt on 9th Street to shop for dinner and pick up lunch at Lorenzo’s. We were on the lookout for asparagus, when we stopped at Pat and Larry’s stand. They had fat bundles of dandelion greens that looked good enough for us to change our minds about the asparagus. Some olive oil, thinly sliced garlic (think Paul Sorvino in “Goodfellas”), half a lemon, and crushed red pepper in a sauté pan and you’re good to go!  Continue reading

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Bird Watching


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Looking South – Snakes Alive!

Wildlife for sale on 9th Street.

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The Brotherhood of Post-Apocalyptic Mutant Dinosaurs

Father RexFather Rex of The Brotherhood of Post-Apocalyptic Mutant Dinosaurs.
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Cherry Tomato Tart

What I love about shopping on 9th Street is that you never know what you’re going to find on the stands – boxes of baby arugula, two red peppers for a dollar, or cauliflower in a hue that would make Prince proud. So many times I’ve gone there with a game plan, only to switch it up when something else caught my eye. On Sunday morning, I spotted jewel toned boxes of cherry tomatoes on a stand right outside of Esposito’s, I immediately bought two. I’d figure out what to do with them once I got home… Continue reading

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French Strawberry Cake

9th Street had gorgeous boxes of strawberries on Saturday, I picked up two, one would be macerated for brunch, and the other for this cake. I’m a big fan of “one pan wonder” cakes – this one is light, custardy in the middle, and studded with strawberries. The perfect ending to our Easter feast!  Continue reading

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Potato Kugel

When I was mulling over side dishes to go with my Easter ham I spotted this recipe on Smitten Kitchen for potato kugel. Shredded potatoes tossed with onions, flour, and eggs – baked in a well oiled cast iron pan – like a pan full of hash browns that you can slice into wedges. Yep, I’m all over that. Happy Easter! Continue reading

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Swing and a Miss

deadly blowHere is another doodle with Derwent Dark Wash pencils. This one was done in a Canson XL Mix Media pad which I will be using regularly just as soon as the Sketchbook from Heaven is exhausted which I’m sad to say will be soon.

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Bow Tie for Spring

Calling all modeling agencies – I have a handsome, six foot tall, seventeen year old with a perfected brooding expression, and he can pull off a bowtie!

I whipped up this tie in less than an hour, no advanced sewing skills needed. For a how-to, go here!



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