Traffic Stop at Broadway and Olive

traffic-stopBroadway and Olive circa 1982. Scanned from a negative.

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Cheese Straws



Cheese straws are the perfect nibbly thing for your guests to snack on before Thanksgiving dinner. Cayenne pepper gives them just the right amount of heat, which pairs well with a glass of wine or a cold beer. A small side dish of buttery Castelvetrano olives may not be a bad idea either.  Continue reading

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Hooray For Hollywood



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French Flag


Similar to the last one – this house is being torn down less than a block away from our house. I shot this to get a sense of the contrasting textures of the brick and the various wallpapers, but coincidentally it sort of looks like the French flag. I’m not sure what’s to be built in it’s place, but there’s no way that the new building will have wallpaper this fabulous.  Continue reading

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Outside of Little Pete’s


We’re back again with more fabulous but somewhat damaged frames of film from the early 1980s. The year is 1981 and Tina Garceau is outside of Little Pete’s restaurant trying to fulfill a class credit requirement by snapping photos in Philadelphia for a photography elective class all illustration majors were mandated to take.

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Looking Up on South Street


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I Want My Power Records TV!

…and thanks to the Roku, you can have it! good-fight Continue reading

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Pork Chops with Garlic and Sage



In an attempt to add variety to a weekend dinner, I found inspiration from Bon Appetit. A quick dinner that’s easy to throw together and makes use of the sage I’ve been growing in the backyard over the summer. Continue reading

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Italian Style Bakery


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Friday Five – Number Ninety Nine



Ninety-ninth in a series creating a collage using five elements.

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Veteran’s Day


In back left to right: Roland, Edmund, Walter. Front row: Louis, Arthur

A studio portrait of my father’s five brothers who served in the Army and Navy during World War II. This is truly one of my favorite family photos, my uncles are so young and dashing in their uniforms. My Uncle Walter, the youngest in the group, enlisted at eighteen because he wanted to drive a tank – which he did! Although my father isn’t in the photo, he was wearing a uniform as well.  Continue reading

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Halloween by Love

Animated GifDan Love that is. Dan shared these photos he shot of our boy’s Halloween costume. As they were being offloaded to my computer, I thought they would make a pretty nifty animation, and that’s what I did. You can get a sense of the Atomic Warrior in all of his electroluminescent glory!

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French Apple Cake



It’s that time of the year again – I’m test driving dessert recipes for Thanksgiving. This cake is easy to throw together, and is studded with big chunks of apples. The only way to improve it, would be to toss a handful of cranberries in the mix!  Continue reading

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