Looking South – Eagles Pep Rally on 9th Street

On Friday, three former members of the Philadelphia Eagles stopped by on 9th and Montrose for a meet and greet. David Akers, Irving Fryar, and Bill Bergey chatted with locals, posed for photos, and signed balls and jerseys.

Although I don’t follow football, I’m loving how excited people in the city are that their team will be playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday night. The folks that turned out yesterday were thrilled to meet these former players, and it was wonderful that they took time out to reconnect with their fans. I’ve got my fingers crossed – GO EAGLES!!!  Continue reading

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Collage – The Art of Conversation



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I Want My Polka Music TV!

When I purchased my first Roku about 8 years ago I quickly became convinced that it was the best $60 I had ever spent. The house I moved into in the mid-1990s was wired throughout it’s three floors for cable, but despite the constant barrage of junk mail, telemarketer calls and the occasional appearance of flesh-and-blood salesmen, my wife and I never saw the sense in signing up for a cable subscription. Before moving to that house, I had cable TV for years with an old roommate. I could take or leave cable, but the roommate thought it was as necessary as gas, water or electricity. Once the roommate and I parted ways, I ditched cable. It was sort of like escaping an over-priced, all-you-can-eat buffet that had lousy food and worse service. There was no point in getting back into a relationship with cable so the wife and I did without. We both worked second shift so we were never home for prime time. We relied on a steamer trunk partially filled with video cassettes of movies I had recorded when I still had cable. We would resort to rabbit ears occasionally. If we were desperate, we would head out to a video store which was a crap shoot and fairly pricey. As the decade drew to a close, I got a DVD player which led to subscribing to Netflix’s DVD-by-mail service which led to Netflix’s streaming service a few years later which lead to spending the best $60 I ever spent on the Roku. Continue reading

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Best Buttermilk Pancakes on the Planet!

I’ve been making brunch lately, and these are the lightest, most delicious pancakes ever! The fellas love them with hash browns. And no, there is no substitute for the buttermilk – so throw on your coat, go to the store and buy some, you’ll be glad you did!  Continue reading

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Hog Wild with Eagles Fever!

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Looking Up – The Witherspoon Building

The Witherspoon Building was built for the Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath School  between 1895 and 1897 by architect Joseph Huston. It’s a magnificent building worthy of craning your neck while strolling down the 1300 block of Walnut Street. This particular detail depicts the four Gospel authors of the New Testament.

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Free Movies – Catch Them While You Can!

There is a new station available for the Roku, and if you’re interested, I would install it on your box and watch it’s offerings as soon as possible. Continue reading

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Apple Fritter Bread

I made this Apple Fritter Bread on Saturday afternoon as an incentive to drag myself out of bed at the crack of dawn on Sunday to hit up the grocery store before Eagles fans descended on it en masse to stock up on hot wings and chili dog nachos. This bread was marvelous with a cup of coffee, in my dining room, illuminated only by the light from my computer screen. Then it was off to catch the 64 and start my day!  Continue reading

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Bar & Lounge


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Fun with a Free Photo Editor

12th & Jackson
I fired up the free, cross-platform, image editing software known as GNU Image Manipulation Program or GIMP and had a bit of fun with this photo I shot of an industrial building at the corner of 12th and Jackson in South Philadelphia. GIMP is a powerful program and well worth a download. I find myself using it quite a bit for some of the interesting filters it has such as the one above which turned this typical photo into an illustration.

The building above looked as if it was still operating as a warehouse which is surprising. The next time I’m down that way, it will probably be turned into loft apartments.


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Roxy Theater


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Quinoa and Roasted Vegetables

In an attempt to eat healthier/undo damage from the holidays/take something other than a ham sandwich to work when you’re brown bagging it – I give you quinoa and roasted vegetables! The great thing is that you can do different combos of veggies, and use up what’s in your fridge, which appeals to me since I’m trying really hard not to waste food. Here, I used broccoli leftover from last night’s dinner, carrots, orange peppers, mushrooms, and zucchini. Red onion, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, squash, eggplant, garlic, and Brussels sprouts would be delicious too! Roasting a big pan of vegetables to keep in your fridge can also be used in a frittata, as a side dish with chicken, or a quick pasta primavera.  Continue reading

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Forlorn Fella on a Ford

Here’s another example of the urban phenomena we refer to as Truck Mascots. Truck Mascots are discarded stuffed animals that are usually lashed to the grills of large industrial trucks although this one is attached to a work van. This little fella is hanging on for dear life traveling on 11th Street in South Philadelphia.

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Looking South – Bike on 9th

Spotted this jazzed up bike on 9th Street – on closer inspection, two of the 45s were Nat King Cole, the third being Clyde McCoy. Unfamiliar with McCoy, I turned to Wikipedia:

Clyde Lee McCoy[1] (December 29, 1903 – June 11, 1990), was an Americanjazztrumpeter whose popularity spanned seven decades. He is best remembered for his theme song, “Sugar Blues”, written by Clarence Williams and Lucy Fletcher, and also as a co-founder of Down Beat magazine in 1935.[1] The song hit in 1931 and 1935, in Columbia and Decca versions, and returned to Billboardmagazine’s Country (Hillbilly) chart in 1941. It was also played with vocals, by Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys, Fats Waller and Ella Fitzgerald.

Johnny Mercer had a vocal hit in 1947. McCoy was a member of one of the families of the Hatfield-McCoy feud, and was based at various times in Los Angeles, New York City, and at Chicago’sDrake Hotel, where he first performed “Sugar Blues” in 1930. He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6426 Hollywood Boulevard.

The oddball things you pick up walking around with a camera.



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