The Drake and Liberty Place


Two buildings constructed fifty eight years apart.

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Upper Darby Post Office

Upper Darby Post Office

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Detail of a Mural on South Street



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Turkey’s Done


Turkey’s Done is a short film about Peaches Brocco played by Cheri Oteri, a South Philly housewife, who is waiting for her philandering husband to come home for Thanksgiving.

The movie was written by South Philadelphia natives Monique Impagliazzo, Krystal Tini, and Jennifer Tini who raised funds for the film through Indiegogo. I don’t know how they did it – but they managed to get Cheri Oteri on board! I had the pleasure of taking photos on the set on Sunday morning.


I should also mention that the Brocco’s neighbors are played by local actress Natalie Stone and comedian Vic Dibitetto. I look forward to the premiere!  Continue reading

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DiaboliqueHere’s another self-portrait that Tina Garceau shot as part of a Photo Elective project back when she attended the Philadelphia College of Art. This one is not as successful as some of her recent photographs I posted, but you have to hand it to a girl willing to drown herself for her art.

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Swimming in the Low End

2009-Mac-ProI just purchased a used 2009 Mac Pro to use as a replacement for my recently departed dual G5 Mac Pro which I also purchased used. It served me well as a graphic design and digital illustration production machine, and that is what I intend for this new acquisition.

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All That Jazz

all-that-jazz-tina-garceauHere’s another Photo Elective self-portrait of Tina Garceau. I think I may have taken a few weak, tentative, overly self-conscious shots of myself, but it appears that my darling bride really jumped into the spirit of the assignment with costumes and lighting. Whether she knew it or not, she really had a knack for shooting herself!

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Blueberry Cake



This is the cake I made for our 4th of July barbecue, it was easy to put together, and delicious. The best part about unfussy desserts is that you can spend less time in the kitchen, and more time at the pool!  Continue reading

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Happy 4th

The 4th

Happy 4th of July

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Eric’s Mark I

Eric's Mark IEric’s Mark I movie theater as it was at 18th and Market in Philadelphia, PA circa 1983. I was a student at The Philadelphia College of Art, and I was snapping frames of 35mm film as reference for a class project.

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Here, Kitty Kitty


My friend Penny, who lives on a farm in Alabama has a game cam – apparently, we need to invest in one as well. This fella posed for a few pics, then went running off. Welcome to the concrete jungle, I felt like Elly May with this critter making himself at home in my backyard!

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Femme Fatale

Femme FataleThis is another of Tina Garceau’s shots from a photography elective that all illustration majors were required to take at The Philadelphia College of Art.

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St. Andrew’s Russian Orthodox Church



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Summer Salad


SummerSaladThis salad came about as a way of using up leftover corn – there’s always a few ears lingering in the fridge after a barbecue and here’s a good way to use them up.  Continue reading

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