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Bow Tie for Spring

Calling all modeling agencies – I have a handsome, six foot tall, seventeen year old with a perfected brooding expression, and he can pull off a bowtie! I whipped up this tie in less than an hour, no advanced sewing skills needed. … Continue reading

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Bow Tie for Easter Sunday

Easter is approaching, and the Boy requested a new bow tie for the occasion. A bow tie is easy to whip up – instructions are here!

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Bow Tie for Easter

On Sunday, I made the boy a new bow tie for Easter. I’ll stash it in his basket among the peanut butter eggs, Marshmallow Peeps, and jelly beans – where it will be roundly ignored until he has sufficiently ingested … Continue reading

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Bow Tie Bonanza

I went into assembly line mode this week and made graduation bow ties for Lloyd’s friends. I’ve been volunteering at the school for eight years, so I’ve spent a lot of time around these kids – and they’re graduating this … Continue reading

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Polka Dots and PF Flyers

Next week Lloyd graduates from 8th grade. Such occasions call for an outfit. I really didn’t want to buy him a pair of dress shoes, since his feet seem to change sizes every two weeks. When Joe spotted these tomato … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

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New Year’s Eve Bow Tie

Maybe I’ve been watching too many old movies lately, but I love when a man dresses up. There’s something about a crisp, white shirt, a tie, and the scent of Mennen Speed Stick that makes me weak in the knees. … Continue reading

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Are You Ready For Some Football?

Boy, those are six words I never thought would appear on this site! Honestly, I know very little about football except that the ball is brown, they play for three minutes and stand around for twenty. Come to think of … Continue reading

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Printing On Canvas

Printing with digital grounds on cotton worked out well, so I was curious as to how an image would print on a rougher surface like canvas. My son needed a box to store the half dozen bow ties I’ve made … Continue reading

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Bow Tie Box

A bow tie should have it’s own storage box!

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Wood Grain Bow Tie

Another idea of what to do with fabric scraps – make a bow tie! This is my first “clip-on” tie. I had a hard time finding the hardware, so imagine my surprise when I walked into Fleishman’s in Queen Village, … Continue reading

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