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It’s All Gravy!

Making gravy for your turkey dinner is simple and a thousand times better than what you can buy in a jar. Using the neck, a part that most people discard – adds flavor to the stock, along with vegetables that … Continue reading

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Bird-Proofing the Figs

Two years ago, they were wreaking havoc with my basil plants, now the birds are hogging the figs on the lower branches of the tree in our backyard. There are plenty of figs for the neighbors and our feathered friends … Continue reading

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Bow Tie for Spring

Calling all modeling agencies – I have a handsome, six foot tall, seventeen year old with a perfected brooding expression, and he can pull off a bowtie! I whipped up this tie in less than an hour, no advanced sewing skills needed. … Continue reading

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Swimming in the Low End

I just purchased a used 2009 Mac Pro to use as a replacement for my recently departed dual G5 Mac Pro which I also purchased used. It served me well as a graphic design and digital illustration production machine, and … Continue reading

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Bow Tie for Easter Sunday

Easter is approaching, and the Boy requested a new bow tie for the occasion. A bow tie is easy to whip up – instructions are here!

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Halloween by Love

Dan Love that is. Dan shared these photos he shot of our boy’s Halloween costume. As they were being offloaded to my computer, I thought they would make a pretty nifty animation, and that’s what I did. You can get … Continue reading

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2014 Retro Holiday Gift Tags

You’re running around like a maniac, and you know there’s something you forgot – oh yeah, the gift tags. Well, I’m here to save you a trip to the store – here’s a set of three free downloadable gift tags! Just … Continue reading

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Sewing A Pinched Pleat Curtain

Recently, I found myself in need of a pinch pleat curtain. Now, I’m no Elsie de Wolfe – any curtains I’ve made in the past for my house have been simple panels. I suppose I could have just gone out … Continue reading

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A Hiccup

My Independence Day project didn’t work out as I hoped.

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Okay — the third and a half time!

I was upgrading and swapping parts and watching videos and plotting and planning, and what I thought was going to be a pretty good setup for new or at least newish rigs for my son and me didn’t quite work … Continue reading

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