Amazing Powers of Penetration

IMAGINE – a genuine spy pen enabling you to see through walls with its amazing powers of penetration. According to the advertising copy, it was developed by the German secret service during World War II although it didn’t gain them victory in that conflict, and can be had for $2.98 plus 35¢ shipping.

…and what do the agents of the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement use their spy pens for?

To spy on chicks, of course! She’s probably a THRUSH agent! She’s got to be up to no good! Why else would she strike such an incongruous pose?

Strangely enough within the same comic book is an ad for X-Ray Vision Glasses.

At least this ad is up front with the fact that it’s an illusion and “No real X-Ray vision is obtained.” The Man from UNCLE Spy Pen ad goes on and on about the precision that went into crafting it and all but swears that it works. The x-ray specs make no such claim; are about a third of the price of the spy pen and probably every bit as effective. Both guarantee satisfaction which makes me wonder what the legal limits of satisfaction might be.

Both ads appeared in Two-Gun Kid No. 91 published by Marvel Comics in 1967.

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