The Triumphant Trio

I found this fascinating little film while digging around the Internet Archive Channel on my Roku Box…

The clip above was made to introduce Batgirl to the 1960s Batman series in an attempt to boost sagging ratings and save the show from cancellation. The character was cooked up by the editorial staff at DC Comics and producers of the show. This is an unaired pilot which introduced Barbara Gordon and her secret identity. What’s interesting is that the people who developed this character put a lot of thought into the costume, and how a girl who doesn’t have the funds for a mansion and secret headquarters underneath can operate as a masked vigilante. I thought the switch-o/change-o outfit that turns into Batgirl’s garb was brilliant and was a lot more satisfying than the mysterious costume change that occurred for Bruce and Dick while descending the Bat-poles. The how of Batman and Robin’s costume change always frustrated me as a little kid. It didn’t make sense where as Barbara Gordon’s costume switch is clearly spelled out. Oh, well.

During the action scenes Batgirl portrayed by dancer Yvonne Craig sort of Cyd Charisses the baddies into submission.

Also of note, the villain in this clip is The Killer Moth. He and his henchmen apparently loiter in libraries waiting for millionaires to show up.

Ultimately, Batgirl was weaved into the show, but could not save it, and it was canceled. She did survive to see a continued existence in the comics.

Although this isn’t a comic and doesn’t necessarily fit into the category, the original Batman television series was the gateway drug to a chronic addiction to comics and costumed crime fighters.

If you have trouble viewing the clip on this post, watch it for FREE at the Internet Archive by going HERE.

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