Embroidery Patterns With Digital Grounds

I was thinking more about the possibilities of what could be made by printing with digital grounds on fabric, and making an original embroidery pattern came to mind. I cut out a piece of canvas, applied the solution, and ran it through my printer. I spent some of my off time yesterday thrusting a needle though canvas (there’s a reason why embroidery kits don’t include canvas. * rolls eyes *) Also take note dear readers, that I haven’t done any kind of needle work since I stitched a sampler at the tender age of ten.

I coated the canvas horizontally and vertically with Golden’s Digital Ground Clear (Gloss), letting it dry between coats. I taped the canvas to a piece of cardstock and ran it through an Epson R1800 printer set on standard settings using this girly clip art image at 75% black. It left me with a guide to embroider by.

As you can see, it’s still a work in progress. More to come!

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