Learn to Breakdance!

COMICS-HEADbreakdance…as if the intricacies of movement were as byzantine as a minuet.

This was an urban phenomena that companies hoped would turn into the next Hula Hoop®, but it seemed to wink out of existence just as soon as it had arrived to the popular consciousness. It was the ’80s, and fads quickly came and went in an attempt to make a splash on MTV.

I was working at a big box toystore while I was in college, and I remember them carrying breakdancing boards which were large pieces of printed cardboard. I don’t recall anyone ever buying one. They languished on the shelves along with the E.T. toys that they couldn’t give away despite that movie’s popularity.

This ad appeared in Iron Man No. 194 which was published by Marvel in 1985.

im-194The 1980s is sort of late for me as far as reading or collecting comics. I’m not sure why I bought it, but it’s back during a valley in the Golden Avenger’s history.

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2 Responses to Learn to Breakdance!

  1. OldNFO says:

    LOL, didn’t quite catch on like the Slinky, Hula Hoop or Frisbee did it?

  2. Joe_Williams says:

    It seems somebody will always try to cash in on the next form of mass hysteria. Back then, the hottest items on the shelves were Transformers toys and Trivial Pursuit. It was impossible to keep them in stock. That was not the case with break dancing boards.

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