A Chat with Christopher Lee

Being that Halloween is right around the corner I thought I would share this odd but delightful rarity that I discovered while fishing for something to watch on my Roku. If you are unfamiliar with the Roku, I’ve written about it before, but, in brief, it is an internet enabled device that connects to a television and delivers streaming entertainment from a variety of either subscription based or free channels. I found the gem below on one of the strange freebie channels. It’s an hour of Christopher Lee talking about his movies, and it’s fascinating!
You can watch it above or it is available for free at The Internet Archive. If you do have a Roku, the Internet Archive is available as a private channel and can be found at it’s developer’s site here. Private channels are sort of beta channels that are either labors of love by their developers or “not ready for prime time.”

I have no idea as to this program’s origin. I was going to ignore it at first because of the Portugese title, but I saw Lee’s name in the title. Portugese subtitles run throughout the program, but Sir Christopher delivers his talk in the King’s English. It may have been part of the 100 Years of Horror show which seems to play in a constant loop on PlutoTV, but I’m not sure. Whatever it’s origin, if you love horror movies as I do, it’s well worth your time.

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