WFIL AlbumBefore Philadelphia’s American Broadcast Company affiliate was WPVI it was WFIL, and it had a sister radio station on the AM dial that played a heavy rotation of top forty hits and a whole lot of commercials.

All of the kids in grade school listened to the omnipresent radio personalities spin 45RPM bubblegum records while talking over half the song. It was irritating at the time, but now I realize that was part of the charm of the now vanished AM radio stations.

WFIL Album BackThe deejays are pictured on the back of this album, but I’m not sure if they appear on any of the tracks. There might not be much room for them among the vinyl grooves considering that this album contained 20 songs! That was a lot for a record.
WFIL Album Side AThe next time I’m down on Chestnut Street, I’ll have to see what stands at 1005. It was the home of Lost-Nite Records when this album was released in what was probably the late 1960s.

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2 Responses to WFIL 56

  1. Old NFO says:

    That would be interesting, and I remember all those songs… sigh

  2. Joe says:

    I looked up Lost-Nite Records and they were a reissue company so the office may have been a small room with a desk and a phone. Not a recording studio.

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