It Came From the Sketchbook

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Digital Doodles
This category contains some of the digital doodles I do during downtime. It may be while waiting for some data to process at work or particularly dull days on the internet. Most of these are done in Affinity Designer.

Howling at the Moon
Werewolves, wolf-men, lycanthropes and all those affected by the lunar cycle although I am excluding lunatics. This category is for those who sprout fangs and fur when “…the moon is full and bright.”

Post Apocalyptic New Jersey
Following a nuclear conflagration in 1981, the once verdant Garden State is reduced to a hellscape overrun by mutants, monsters and merciless marauders. This is the skeleton of a story to which I am adding flesh in my sketchbooks. It may be a comic one day.

Me not minding my own business. Sketches of people either on the subway, the bus or somewhere out in public. Either I would try drawing the subject in person and tried not to be too obvious about it or committed my victim to memory to draw later.

Frankenstein Monster
It seems to me that I would have a hard time not drawing the Frankenstein Monster. He has always been a favorite and has always had a home among my various scratch pads.

Lady meets monster

Damsels, Dastardly Villans and Dinosaurs
Damsels in distress, villains causing distress and fearfully great reptiles drawn together or separately. A lot of these drawings are attempts at working out action compositions

Sketchbook • Monkey & Bird
This was one of the more popular web comics published at CO2 Comics a while back. It was the romantic adventures of a monkey and bird who met in the jungle and fell in love. I wrote and drew it while Tina colored and created backgrounds. You will find sketches and preliminary work here.

Cosmic Man

Drawer Cards
In the event of birthdays, anniversaries and a few other holidays, Tina and I exchange cards we make for one another. It certainly saves on the clutter and we end up with something truly unique. This category is my cards to Tina.

Junk Drawer
The miscellany — the odds and ends that don’t really fit the other categories. Take a look. There are scribbles, doodles and a few things that saw print. There’s something in there for everyone.