Like Spotting Bigfoot

Like spotting BigfootInexplicably, a phonebooth stands at the corner of 15th and Snyder in South Philadelphia. I haven’t seen one in years and suddenly coming upon one was surprising if not startling. Sadly, the receiver was vandalized so no, it was not functioning. The folding glass door was long gone, too.

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Somewhere in West Philadelphia

60th Street Stop60th Street stop to be exact.

I haven’t done one of my worm’s eye view shots in a while, and I was pleased with the way this one came out.

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Feline Friday

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On Broad Street

Saint Rita of CasciaSaint Rita of Cascia

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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

It’s that time of year again, when I’m lucky enough to find rhubarb on 9th Street, and all is right with the world. This is my favorite pie! Continue reading

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Feline Friday

Plywood - June 2, 2019

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Plants at the Park

I took this late afternoon snapshot of the plants in Louis I. Kahn Park. Hard to picture that a ten story apartment building, The Gladstone once stood where this intimate little park is now. The building was demolished in 1971, and the park was dedicated to the memory of Mr. Kahn, an architect who lived nearby. If you’re ever in the vicinity of 11th and Pine, it’s a terrific spot to people watch!

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Saturday on 9th Street

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Happy Birthday, Walt Whitman!

Bizarre Planet of the Apes/Zardoz Walt Whitman headWe at Willceau Illo News celebrate the 200th anniversary of poet Walt Whitman’s birth with one of the stranger sculptures dedicated to the man. This bizarre Zardoz/Planet of the Apes head of Whitman adorns the entrance of the Whitman Shopping Plaza in South Philadelphia. Old Walt’s got a few statues around town and a bridge named after him, but this is the weirdest.

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Feline Friday

Plywood - May 15, 2019

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