Pumpkin Muffins in Spring

I know, spring isn’t exactly the time to be baking pumpkin muffins – let me explain. While we’re hunkered down, I decided to take an inventory of my pantry. When I’m at the store I ask myself, “Do I have a can of chickpeas at home? Maybe I should get one just in case…” So yesterday, I went through my cabinets and discovered that I’ve got peanut butter, jalapeño peppers, 2 cans of black olives, fig jam, and enough cans of San Marzano tomatoes to feed the cast of The Sopranos. Among the bounty in my cupboard was a can of pumpkin and a box of instant vanilla pudding, which combined make these incredibly light muffins. Pumpkin muffins – they’re not just for fall anymore! Continue reading

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Found Another One!

Found another one!Pay phone on Chestnut Street between 8th and 9th in Philadelphia, PA. This one appeared to be wheelchair height. Once again, I did not attempt to verify if it was operating.

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Feline Friday

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They Still Exist

An Unusual Sight…but my guess is not for long.

This one looks to be the telephonic equivalent of a dirty gas station toilet. It still had it’s receiver which is extremely rare, but I did not put it to my ear to see if there was a dial tone.

This was on Broad Street outside of a fast food restaurant in South Philadelphia. My guess is that the independent pharmaceutical entrepreneurs who congregate and do business in the parking lot probably make use of that phone.

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Seven Cherries


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I did an inventory of my cupboards yesterday, and decided that the half bag of butterscotch chips would be perfect for a pan of blondies. Continue reading

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Sage Advice

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Feline Friday

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Keeping Busy

In light of everything that’s going on, I find it therapeutic to do something simple like chopping vegetables for a stir-fry. Other activities including knitting new dishcloths and making cupcakes with The Boy. On the to-do list today is sewing new curtains for the basement windows provided the cat remains conked out. Wish me luck!


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Jefferson Square

Jefferson SquareSpring has not completely sprung, and the trees are still bare and looking a lot more Halloween than Easter. I pushed the spookiness of the scene a bit with Affinity Photo.

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