Happy Birthday Joe!

A toast to the King of Toast on his birthday!

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Sketchbook • I Was a Girthy Werewolf

I continue to end my evenings on the couch with a cheap sketchbook and various pencils and erasers spread out on my lap half-watching the television usually tuned to trash. The Out of This World sketchbook continues to work its magic as I flesh out a story that has been knocking around my noggin for a number of years. In the past I’ve tried to formally get the bits and pieces of this supernatural story down on paper by jotting down notes onto easily misplaced index cards or starting outlines in various composition books and never finishing them. Writing is sort of a slog for me whereas fleshing out scenes via drawings in a cheap but magical scratch pad is a lot easier. Continue reading

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Apple Muffins

I had some apples leftover from my Thanksgiving pie baking marathon, so I decided to make some muffins! These muffins are perfection with a cup of coffee in the morning. Continue reading

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Headhouse Square

Headhouse SquareOff of South Street in Philadelphia, PA

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Visual Metaphor • Work/Life Balance

This is another in a series of visual metaphors that I provide to an executive coach that works with key personnel in organizations helping them sharpen their managerial skills and develop their leadership potential. In this one as with the all of the others the coach’s client provides a description of where they were; where they are and where they see themselves in the future of their career. This is for a gentleman called Don B and his metaphor is jargon heavy and specific to his company so I won’t share his text. What I will say is that Don saw himself chained to his job, and with the help of the coach he is looking to strike a healthier work/life balance where his time is used more effectively. Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo taken from a Family Circle magazine circa 1959. I hope you have a picture perfect Thanksgiving, although I don’t know who would serve a half of a roasted onion to their guests!

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