Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies

These are my new favorite chocolate chip cookies, they are soft and oh so good! The secret ingredient is a package of dry pudding mix, who knew? Also, I used mini chocolate chips because it’s all I had on hand, but I think I like them this way as there’s a little bit of chocolate in every bite. Continue reading

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Feline Friday

Sprawled out

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Green Polka Dot Bow Tie

A new button down shirt calls for a new bow tie. I made this yesterday to add to The Boy’s bow tie collection! If you’re interested in making one, there’s a tutorial here.

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Peach Raspberry Tart

Saturday’s trip to the market yielded three pounds of small, ripe peaches – perfect for the tart I’ve been wanting to make. I also spied gorgeous half pints of raspberries, which I picked up to top off my tart. It smelled divine while baking, and tasted even better! Continue reading

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Feline Friday

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McDemolitionThe McDonalds restaurant at Broad and Carpenter has been demolished. I never thought I would see it happen because it always seemed busy particularly the drive through, but I guess the real estate became too valuable for a one-story burger franchise. Condos will probably go in. Continue reading

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Doodle Tuesday: 2mm Red Lead and Trash Video


When I sit on the couch and doodle in my sketchbooks, I like to have noise in the background. I usually find some episodic television show, old movie or trash that doesn’t require my strict attention. Trash is the best descriptor for the DVD I borrowed of Legend of the Wolf Woman also known as Werewolf Woman also known as La Lupa Mannara. I can’t possibly recommend it to the average viewer, but if you like grindhouse, mid-70s, Euro-trash atrocities, this movie is for you! For me, it made the appropriate background noise I needed to scribble ideas about the character I call Nora the Explorer using an unsharpened 2mm lead in a clutch pencil.  Continue reading

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Feline Friday


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Street Art

Seen on 9th Street, mixed media – old newspaper articles, maps and paint.


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Doodle Tuesday

Just lately it seems that I’m hitting the old sketchbooks a lot harder than I have been, and I am having fun while I’m at it. Fortunately for me, this spate of activity is not tied to a single sketchbook although I am favoring Canson XL Mixed Media pads which have a nice, heavy paper that takes both wet and dry media very well. I finished one off recently which I posted about last week.

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