Feline Friday

Office Cat Under Glass

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Hell Toupee

Hell ToupeeI can’t resist a pun.

Another sketchbook sketch that I photographed, imported into Procreate on my iPad and had some fun with. I exported it from Procreate and brought it into Affinity Designer in order to do the lettering. I know that lettering can be done in Procreate, but I stuck to me comfort zone.

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The Grey Man – Sunset

This is the last book in The Grey Man saga. What began as a three novel series, blossomed to eight books and novellas, there was too much of a story to tell. It’s been a pleasure to work on these covers. Jim says this is the last one, but we will see! It’s available on Kindle now and there’s also a print version which will be available soon – I’ll keep you posted!

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Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache

This is the cake I made for Joe’s birthday. It’s a rich chocolate cake with a cream filling, covered with chocolate ganache. This recipe is going into the permanent birthday cake collection – it was delicious! Continue reading

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20 years have passed…

Dad in 1996…and I miss him every day.

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Ornament on League Street

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Feline Friday

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Mad About the iPad

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I’m getting used to the fantastic art program for the iPad Pro called Procreate. It uses the Apple Pencil, and it has the most satisfying interface that I’ve used on a digital platform thus far. I’ve been doodling and playing with the various brushes and tools. I found the picture of a pencil drawing of a Mad Doctor I did back in 2007. I imported it into Procreate and had some fun.

One of the really fun features is that the art making process can be exported as a time lapse video. Check it out:

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Brussel Sprouts & Butternut Squash

For me, the best part about Thanksgiving is having leftovers for days! Reheat and eat! This Thanksgiving, we had a crazy amount of side dishes – this combo of brussel sprouts and butternut squash was my favorite. Tossed in bacon grease, and pan roasted in the oven, it was easy to make and will definitely be on the menu at Christmas! Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Joe!

Happy birthday to my partner in crime!


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