Feline Friday

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What’s for dinner?

Criniti’s MeatsDeep in South Philadelphia

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Beer on Wheels

Seen on 6th Street between Chestnut & Market.

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Fruit Tart w/ Fresh Figs and Mango

Yesterday was our friend Anthony’s birthday. He suggested a fruit tart in lieu of a cake – I was on it! I found gorgeous, green figs in the market, a mango that was perfectly ripe, and strawberries and blueberries – the last vestiges of summer. The combo of fruit, the sweetened cream cheese, and the melted chocolate brushed on the tart shell, made for a tasty tart. Happy birthday, Tony! Continue reading

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Municipal Pier No 38

Municipal Pier No 38Along the Delaware River in Philadelphia

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Tuesday Doodle

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Happy Labor Day!


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Italian Plum Torte

Strawberries, blueberries, and peaches are typically the fruits of the summer – however, let us not forget the humble Italian plum. They’re wonderful when baked, this is the delicious torte that The Boy and I made this week. It was so good, that we’re making it again today! Continue reading

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Feline Friday


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Look Out, Here Comes Spiderman!

Truck mascot on the front of a Philadelphia Sanitation truck, spotted on 11th & Washington Avenue.


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