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It’s Lent, you know!

Tina and I exchange cards we make ourselves rather than go on a mad dash for that elusive perfect gift or trying to get reservations on the worst restaurant night of the year. We call them Drawer Cards. Earlier Tina … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

My Valentine this year to Joe was inspired by the television show FEUD: Capote vs. The Swans. I included everything a glamour gal from the 60s loves – chocolate, flowers, jewelry, and big hair! Happy Valentine’s Day Joe!

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Cosmic Maaaaaannnnn Sticks Around for Another Birthday

As I have written before, it’s Tina’s and my tradition to exchange birthday, anniversary and holiday cards we have illustrated ourselves. It’s more personal and making your own cards is a lot cheaper than a Hallmark card from one of … Continue reading

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Queen of Hearts

A card Tina Garceau made in Adobe Illustrator for her Mother back in 2004.

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Valentine’s Day

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Cosmic Maaaaaannnnn Returns Again!

Cosmic Maaaaaannnn has returned to celebrate my darling wife’s birthday! We first met this star traveler during our crystal anniversary and again on Tina’s birthday ten years ago. Happy birthday, Tina!  

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Happy Birthday Joe!

This photo of Joe’s head was one I shot when we were first dating, I used it on the first birthday card I made for him. The following year, I used it again and after that, it became tradition. Happy … Continue reading

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