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Happy Labor Day!


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Rose is a Rose is a Rose

Some neighborhood eye candy during one of my afternoon jaunts with The Boy.

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The Indefatigable Fig Tree

Italian immigrants probably planted these fig trees in these hardscrabble, concrete back yards generations ago for a taste of the old country. This one is growing from a neighbor’s yard, and despite being harshly pruned and cut to the very … Continue reading

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Sage Advice

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Is it safe?

Apparently not. Spotted on Ellsworth Street in South Philadelphia.

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Feline Friday

This blurry photo is what I call a lap shot. It’s a rare occasion with Plywood, and every now and again – I like to document it. Plywood was a stray in our backyard that I felt bad for. He … Continue reading

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Lamb & Veal


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The Miracle on South 13th Street

The neighbors on South 13th Street in South Philly do Christmas right! Thousands of lights, inflatables, and a live Santa line their street every year. Hundreds of people stroll up the street taking in the sights, and snapping photos. Merry … Continue reading

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Ornament on League Street

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