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Cosmic Maaaaaannnnn Sticks Around for Another Birthday

As I have written before, it’s Tina’s and my tradition to exchange birthday, anniversary and holiday cards we have illustrated ourselves. It’s more personal and making your own cards is a lot cheaper than a Hallmark card from one of … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day

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My Hero!

Today, Joe and I celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary, we’ll have a quiet dinner at home, with a nice dessert. Sometimes it’s the simple things – like having someone there to wrestle the lid off of a pickle jar. Happy … Continue reading

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Silver Anniversary


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Scratching Up a Valentine

My Valentine to Tina this year. Created with a combination of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer.

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Happy Birthday, Tina! 2018 Edition

Being that Tina’s birthday comes in October, I usually get a jump on Halloween by giving her card the theme of the season. Here is our dear cat Plywood as the undead count from Transylvania.

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The Cat People Valentine Special

Rather than bury one another under a mountain of clutter, Tina and I make cards for each other. I think I have run the course of angry or ironic Cupids so I decided to go weird for this Valentine.

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