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Bird-Proofing the Figs

Two years ago, they were wreaking havoc with my basil plants, now the birds are hogging the figs on the lower branches of the tree in our backyard. There are plenty of figs for the neighbors and our feathered friends … Continue reading

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Collecting: Mushroom Bowl by Esteri Tomula

This bowl is an iconic piece of Finnish Mid-Century Modern design. The pen and ink mushrooms are the work of Esteri Tomula, a designer who worked at the Arabia ceramics factory in Helsinki from 1947-1984. This bowl is enameled steel, from the 1960s, … Continue reading

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Plywood the Cat

Sunday will mark a year since Plywood has taken up residence in our home. It didn’t take him very long to make himself at home – understandable, since a sofa cushion is much more comfortable than a trash can lid. … Continue reading

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In 1996, we got all gussied up and hitched at St. Paul’s. It’s been a rollercoaster, but I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather be on that ride with. Happy anniversary, Joe!

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Monster Storm

According to the local weather channels, there is a “monster snow storm” headed our way. Salt was purchased, boots are lined up at the door, and the fridge is stocked. Plywood is resting up for the arduous task of sitting … Continue reading

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Stuck on You

Shortly after walking down the aisle twenty years ago, this photo was taken. My groom, unaccustomed to wearing any type of jewelry, was twisting the brand new wedding band around his finger. I like to joke that he was trying … Continue reading

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Our 19th wedding anniversary was drawing near, and I was in a panic! It’s our tradition to make cards for each other, and I wanted to give Joe a special, classy gift – a portrait of us trapped in a … Continue reading

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The Birds

It’s always something. No sooner did I rid myself of the ants in the kitchen, now it’s birds stealing the basil in the backyard – not just mine, my neighbor’s too. They swoop in, swipe a leaf, smirk, and fly off. They … Continue reading

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Uninvited Guests

We had an invasion last week – ants. They waltzed in through the back door and made themselves right at home. I went into full lunatic mode – ants skeeve me out! I sprayed the countertops with vinegar, ants hate … Continue reading

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DIY Laundry Detergent Update

I’ve been making my own laundry detergent for years – not only is it economical, it cleans better than any detergent I’ve ever used. Fels Naptha soap is a great stain remover, and is one of the ingredients used in this … Continue reading

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