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Reading Terminal Spring 1984

I took this picture as a student at The Philadelphia College of Art. I think a classroom of illustration majors was dispatched to Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market to annoy shoppers and vendors with our 35mm SLR cameras in order to … Continue reading

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Another One Bites the Dust

I finally finished off the juvenile sketchbook that I hoped would have the same magic as the Sketchbook from Heaven, but sadly, it did not. It wasn’t the worst sketchbook I ever carried, but at $3.00 for 150 sheets, you … Continue reading

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Where Rocky Got Hitched

I just watched Rocky II for the first time in years. In it Rocky makes Adrian an honest woman, and the film makers showed the facade of a Church. I figured it had to be in Philly, but where? A … Continue reading

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The Sign Remains

My son and I have a Thanksgiving tradition where we wander aimlessly around the streets of Philadelphia. Yesterday was bitterly cold, but beautifully sunny so we bundled up; grabbed the DSLR and headed out the door. We went South on … Continue reading

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A Teenage Werewolf in a Juvenile Sketchbook

A couple of doodles in the cheap sketchbook. The paper bleeds like crazy with ink and does not work to well with the water soluble pencils, but is real happy with my red leads and Blackwing 602 pencil.

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Broad Street Subway Substation No. 7

I spied this hidden gem as I was walking South on Broad Street. This architectural beauty dates from 1929 and is located at 408-10 S. Juniper Street. Juniper runs parallel to Broad Street, and I shot this from a parking … Continue reading

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The Lurking Fear

This started as a doodle in the cheap and childish sketchbook that I wrote about recently. I was still in a Halloween frame of mind as I was kicking around costume ideas for next year. I started scratching out an … Continue reading

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Heading to 69th Street

Heading to the 69th Street Terminal aboard the Market-Frankford Elevated Train.

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Changed My Mind

I was all set to use another cheap sketchbook hoping that it would turn into another Sketchbook from Heaven when I found the sketchbook pictured above . This was also a Christmas gift purchased from a big box store by … Continue reading

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Orange Stacks near The Devil’s Pocket

Stacks of an energy plant in the vicinity of The Devil’s Pocket in South Philadelphia.

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