Tuesday Digital Doodle • Comin’ At YA!

Today’s digital doodle was a happy accident I made while playing with Affinity Designer’s step-and-repeat feature. I was playing around with a logo I worked up a while back for J.L. Curtis’s series of science fiction books and seeing how duplicating, moving and slightly reducing the type treatment would look. It wound up giving me an interesting 3-dimensional effect that I sort of like.

I grabbed a few elements I produced for some of Jim’s various books and whipped them together to see if the logo would work. That’s the nice thing about working digitally in that as I go along, I build up a library of assets that I can use and reuse. The effect works for me although I may use it for something else in order to keep a visual continuity among the Rimworld series of books. The regular Rimworld logo works, and you don’t mess with success!

The Affinity suite was recently purchased by Canva which does not bode well. I am going to hold off weighing in on this until it develops further. There have been announcements, controversy and a bit of backpedaling, but I won’t say anything until I know more.

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