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The Thunderbirds and The Blue Angels fly over South Philadelphia. Flyover Philadelphia from Joe Williams on Vimeo.

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The Indefatigable Fig Tree

Italian immigrants probably planted these fig trees in these hardscrabble, concrete back yards generations ago for a taste of the old country. This one is growing from a neighbor’s yard, and despite being harshly pruned and cut to the very … Continue reading

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Only Two Bits at Broad & Lombard

I found another pay phone in Philadelphia, and a call on this one will only set you back 25¢! Of course, the disinfectant used to kill whatever transferred from the receiver to your ear may cost considerably more. This coin … Continue reading

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Found Another One!

Pay phone on Chestnut Street between 8th and 9th in Philadelphia, PA. This one appeared to be wheelchair height. Once again, I did not attempt to verify if it was operating.

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They Still Exist

…but my guess is not for long. This one looks to be the telephonic equivalent of a dirty gas station toilet. It still had it’s receiver which is extremely rare, but I did not put it to my ear to … Continue reading

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Jefferson Square

Spring has not completely sprung, and the trees are still bare and looking a lot more Halloween than Easter. I pushed the spookiness of the scene a bit with Affinity Photo.

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Is it safe?

Apparently not. Spotted on Ellsworth Street in South Philadelphia.

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Bus Stop

Waiting for the 47 bus on a bitter cold evening.  

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R.I.P. Gene London

Philadelphia television legend Gene London has passed away. I had the pleasure of meeting Gene back in 2015 at The Kimmel Center. Read about it here. 

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Bring Us Some Piggy Pudding

This inflatable pig was on display in front of the Atlantic Building which once housed The Philadelphia College of Art. I guess they ran out of inflatable rats.

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