Cosmic Maaaaaannnnn Sticks Around for Another Birthday

As I have written before, it’s Tina’s and my tradition to exchange birthday, anniversary and holiday cards we have illustrated ourselves. It’s more personal and making your own cards is a lot cheaper than a Hallmark card from one of the drugstore chains. Have you priced them recently?! Ouch!

We call them Drawer Cards. A relative had a variety of greeting cards tucked away in a desk drawer, and she was prepared for any and every occasion. She referred to her stash as her drawer cards as in “Oh, it’s your birthday, hun? Lemme get one of my drawer cards!”

Our tradition of making drawer cards continues with this one to Tina for her birthday.

Cosmic Maaaaaannnnn is back and is making a nuisance of himself. He’s a friendly enough fellow, but doesn’t he have some place to go? It’s a good thing that he’s fun to draw!

Happy birthday, Tina!


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