Ten Years Ago Today!

Willceau Illo News is TEN YEARS OLD today!

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Feline Friday

in bed

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Backstage at The Walnut Street Theater

Walking home from an appointment yesterday, the side doors of The Walnut Street Theater were open, and I snapped this photo. The Walnut Street Theater is one of Philadelphia’s long standing gems. It was founded in 1809, originally going by the name of The New Circus, then switching to it’s current moniker in 1820. It was the first theater to install gas footlights, and the first to feature air conditioning. Thomas Jefferson attended a production of The Rivals in 1812, and one hundred and sixty four years later, Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford had a presidential debate there.

Among the impressive list of famous performers who have performed at the Walnut include Ethel Barrymore, Henry Fonda, Helen Hayes, Katherine Hepburn, Jack Lemmon, Robert Redford, Edward G. Robinson, George C. Scott, Samuel L. Jackson, and Groucho Marx. In 1923, Groucho Marx stopped his performance to inform the audience that President Warren Harding had died. The Walnut Street Theater was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1964.

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Reading Terminal Spring 1984

Reading Terminal • Spring 1984I took this picture as a student at The Philadelphia College of Art. I think a classroom of illustration majors was dispatched to Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market to annoy shoppers and vendors with our 35mm SLR cameras in order to collect reference for illustration projects. I’m not sure what I did as far as the project is concerned having purged it long ago as clutter, but the photo remains. The butcher probably worked for years before and after this photo was taken. I wonder if the lady enjoyed her dinner.

This image was scanned from a 35mm negative and processed in Affinity Photo.

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Feline Friday

Post breakfast nap on The Boy’s bed.

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A Small Portion of City Hall

City HallPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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On Locust Street

On Locust Street

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Chicken Francese

What to make for dinner on a hot summer night that doesn’t involve turning on the oven? Grab some chicken cutlets, a couple of lemons, and a box of spaghetti – the basis of a magnificent meal that can be put together in about an hour! Continue reading

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Feline Friday

Plywood reclining on my keyboard – his subtle way of reminding me to make with the food.

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Horse Trough on 9th

This trough is located right outside of Pennsylvania Hospital, and I think it’s amazing that it survives. There were several groups such as Womens Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Philadelphia Fountain Society who funded these fountains a hundred and fifty years ago, at a time when fresh water for working horses was not readily available.

This particular fountain was installed in 1913, and memorializes Edward Wetherill. Weatherill was an abolitionist who along with his wife Anna, aided escaped slaves, sometimes sheltering them in their home on 911 Clinton Street. These seasonal drinking fountains decreased horse deaths in the city during the sweltering summers.

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