You Can Ring My Bell!

You Can Ring My Bell

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Feline Friday

An old Mac Mini is a warm pillowAn old Mac Mini is a warm pillow for Plywood.

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Veterans Day

We didn’t forget...

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Envelope Pillow Cover

While cleaning out a closet, I found my son’s crib blanket. I loved that blanket and could never bear to throw it away. It was too small to use as a throw, so I decided to make pillow covers out of it. The beauty of envelope pillow covers is that when they get dirty, you can easily remove them and toss them in the wash, and they take no time at all to sew! Continue reading

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Countess Dracula

Lady BathoryErzsébet Báthory (1560-1614) was a real life Hungarian noblewoman and purported serial killer who may have engaged in vampiric activity. Her victims were female servants and minor noblewomen who had come to her for training and education. I’m not sure what training or education the noblewomen were seeking, but maybe they should have stuck with correspondence courses. According to one source I found, she is the holder of the Guinness World Record as history’s most prolific female murderer. She shattered that glass ceiling by killing anywhere from 80 to possibly 650 victims. The Lady was busy!

Legend has it that Bathory believed that she could maintain her youth by bathing in the blood of virgins. Some of the accounts I’ve read dispute this as being the type of fanciful folklore that grows around horrific stories, but it might explain why four of her servants stood trial and were convicted for their crimes. A Lady isn’t going to draw her own bath!

She was not related to the more famous Dracula family although a fictionalized movie of her life titled Countess Dracula was made. She did have a nephew who was a prince of Transylvania. Continue reading

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Beef and Vegetable Ramen Stir Fry

I make a lot of stir fry, usually served over brown rice – but once in a while, I break out the ramen noodles for a change of pace. Ramen noodles are economical, they cook quickly, and are delicious when combined with the sirloin and vegetables. The real beauty of this dish is the three ingredient sauce – sesame oil, low sodium soy sauce, and cornstarch, so simple and tasty! Continue reading

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Catching the Colors While They Last

UntitledJefferson Square in South Philadelphia.

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Sparks Shot Tower

Sparks Shot TowerThe Sparks Shot Tower is a historic shot tower located at 129-131 Carpenter Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

According to the historic marker near the foot of this tower:

First in the nation. Built 1808 by Thomas Sparks and John Bishop to make hunting shot. It symbolized a new U.S. industrial independence. Bishop, a Quaker, sold his share when ammunition was made here for the War of 1812. The Sparks family stayed in control until 1903.

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Feline Friday

A stray having breakfast courtesy of a kind neighbor.

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A Familiar Face

As is usually the case, I was looking for something else when I came across an old stash of comics books. I immediately forgot about whatever I was originally looking for as I gleefully thumbed through my four-colored, battered beauties. I was leafing through a well worn copy of Conan the Barbarian No. 9 published by Marvel Comics in 1971 when I spied a familiar face.
Continue reading

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Don’t GO!!!

I’m having trouble letting go of Halloween.

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Be Kind – Please Rewind

Price Break! VCR for $699!Sometimes I have a great notion, and a lot of times I have merely middling notions. It was while pursuing one of these middling notions that I came across a treasure trove! Continue reading

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The Wolf of South Philadelphia

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Apple Banana Bread

If you’re like me and buy too many bananas – you end up with several brown spotted ones that no one wants to eat. The recipe for this quick bread is one of my favorite ways of using up those stray bananas with the bonus of added chunks of apples to welcome fall. I should also mention that it makes two loaves – one for you and one for a friend/the freezer/the break room at work! Continue reading

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Werewolves of Philly

A wolf was loose in South Philly on Halloween!
We decided to go scary rather than whimsical this year with our son’s Halloween costume, and it seemed to work on old ladies and small children. Continue reading

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