Turkey Corn Soup

In my quest to find ways of using my remaining monster turkey, I give you Turkey Corn Soup. A slightly creamy, nutritious soup with corn, red peppers, carrots, and mushrooms. The beauty of this soup is that it can be put together in 30 minutes, and it’s delish! Continue reading

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Feline Friday

O Ceramic Christmas Tree

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Merry Christmas!

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Holiday Cookies

I’ve been stockpiling cookie dough in my freezer to wait for a quiet day to bake. That day was yesterday – rough estimate, I baked about fifteen dozen cookies! One of my favorites are the sprinkle cookies, they’re like the ones you get in an Italian bakery – only better. There’s lots of vanilla extract and lemon zest in the dough, and who doesn’t love a cookie with sprinkles? You can get the recipe here. Joe’s favorite are the lemon butter cookies which I make just for him. They’re soft, made with lemon juice, lemon zest, cream cheese, and rolled in confectioners sugar. You can get that recipe here. Happy baking!

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Feline Friday

A Taste of Christmas

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Mid-Century Modern Ornaments

I bought a pink Christmas tree this weekend, something I’ve wanted for a long time. While out shopping in an antique store, I found these Mid-Century Modern ornaments, perfect for the new tree!

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Feline Friday

Lap Kitty

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King Ranch Chicken Casserole

This casserole looks like a hot mess, but really, it’s a baking dish of deliciousness! Shredded chicken sautéed with tomatoes, jalapeño and chipotle peppers then layered with corn tortilla chips and cheese. It’s a great way to use up the leftover roast chicken I had in the fridge, and with the exception of the onion, red pepper, and fresh tomato – all of the other ingredients are canned items you can store in the pantry. Perfect dish for a cold winter’s night! Continue reading

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April Fool

April Fool is a novelette penned by J.L. Curtis, and cover designed by myself. It had the distinction of being number one on Amazon’s New Releases in One-Hour Literature & Fiction Short Reads.

Sean ‘Mac’ McCampbell just wants to keep his head down, avoid the riots, and finish his Linguistics PhD before his GI Bill runs out. But when the professors are promoting insurrection and the cops won’t contain the violence, Mac finds trouble won’t leave the people and places he loves alone.

There’s only so much hurt you can inflict on a man before he decides to do something about it.

The Long March is about to get a real surprise on April first!

It’s a terrific story, and just the right length to occupy you on a lazy afternoon. It’s available here!

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Feline Friday

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