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The FUTURE circa 1986

Bubo the Rat is one of my earliest digital illustrations. I drew it on a digitizing tablet called The Animation Station which plugged into a Commodore 64. The print was output on a Panasonic dot matrix printer.

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Thinking Differently

We were in the market for a new computer and I was hearing great things about the current Mac mini with Apple’s new M1 chip. The video reviews I watched were mostly enthusiastic for Apple’s entry level desktop computer so … Continue reading

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OK, Now We’re Done

With the addition of 16GB of RAM (four matched chips of 4GB RAM) my used/new-to-me Mac Pro is ready to go!

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Swimming in the Low End

I just purchased a used 2009 Mac Pro to use as a replacement for my recently departed dual G5 Mac Pro which I also purchased used. It served me well as a graphic design and digital illustration production machine, and … Continue reading

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Not Quite Dead

Having received an email about the obsolescence of my Roku HD from the company that manufactured it,  I recently wrote an obituary for my dear departed media player. I was in mourning, but it seems that the reports of my … Continue reading

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