OK, Now We’re Done

16GB-RAMWith the addition of 16GB of RAM (four matched chips of 4GB RAM) my used/new-to-me Mac Pro is ready to go!

4-HD-baysAs I recently wrote, my G5 Mac Pro which the world and Apple’s marketing department has shunned as being obsolete finally did give up the ghost, I replaced it with a newer but still used Mac Pro. This will serve as our production machine in that it will happily run our old, boxed desktop applications as well as the latest and greatest. Now with the addition of 16GB of RAM it will all run very happily.

Production machine, start producing!

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4 Responses to OK, Now We’re Done

  1. Old NFO says:

    That should speed things up…

  2. Joe_Williams says:

    It certainly has!

  3. Dear Joe Williams! I want to THANK YOU PROFUSELY for posting about the coffin necklace from Dracula’s Castle! This is something I have regretted purchasing for DECADES! I could always remember the ad, and searched again today. Somehow I came across your posting about. Then as a big BONUS there was additional info someone else had posted. I am so incredibly grateful! Thanks for filling in some of my childhood memories! I’m sorry this isn’t posted where it should be but I couldn’t figure a way to post it there!

  4. Joe_Williams says:

    Thanks for checking out the site and thanks for the memories!

    I had turned off comments for some of the older posts because I was getting a lot of spam. Thanks for commenting wherever you comment!

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