The Corner of 11th and Christian

The Demolition of Giunta BrothersSadly gone.

Giunta Brothers was a Mom-and-Pop kitchenware shop that stood at 823 S 11th Street in South Philadelphia for decades offering kitchen gadgets that could not be found anywhere else.

The Demolition of Giunta BrothersBack in 2004 I detailed the demolition of this former Philadelphia landmark with the first digital camera I owned which I acquired from the late, great Daniel Love. I recently came across these digital captures when I was powering up a couple of old computers and searching their hard drives for anything of interest.

The Demolition of Giunta BrothersI have an album of this series at my Flickr photo stream which can be found HERE.

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4 Responses to The Corner of 11th and Christian

  1. Old NFO says:

    History disappearing before one’s eyes! Sad…

  2. Joe says:

    It has been replaced by homes that no one will miss when they are demolished.

  3. datoid3 says:

    Thanks for documenting this Joe

  4. Joe says:

    Thanks for stopping by!

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