A Hiccup

DSCN2657My Independence Day project didn’t work out as I hoped.

It probably seems like overkill, but I bought this Corsair Carbide Spec-01 case to house the Mini-Itx motherboard which is essentially the heart of my son’s personal computer that will think it’s an Apple product. This mid-tower case is really meant for larger motherboards with lots of add-ons, and my little board practically gets lost in it. It does have plenty of room for airflow as well as dedicated spaces for additional hard-drives which is why I bought it. I was done trying to cram ten pounds of stuff into a 5-pound box so I went for a bigger box.

The problem I found with this particular case in conjunction with the H77N-WIFI motherboard is that the Serial ATA data cables that connect the motherboard to the hard-drives are not long enough. At 18 inches they are almost too long for any other case and card combination, but not this one. The plugs are in the upper left corner and the hard drives are in the lower right. I had to order longer data cables.

red-fanIt does work however. I jury-rigged it together to make sure that the new case and new power supply function, and they do. The intake fan has red LED’s in it!

Tune in next time! I’ll have my cables by then and a much cooler computer!

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