Record Riot!

Why bother with those over-priced record shops when you can own a radio station worth of HITS for less than 3 bucks?

It’s a RECORSecret Hearts No. 112D RIOT including the TOP Rock, Rhythm, Pop and FOLK HITS! That means Music Galore for all of the Current Dances although I don’t know what dance the cartoon couple would perform to Eve of Destruction. Does one do The Pony to earnest drek?

Strangely missing from this incredible list of stacks and stacks of rockin’ wax is any mention of artists performing these timeless tunes. I have a feeling it’s a huge collection of sound-alike recordings performed by session musicians and sold CHEAP. Could you imagine the disappointment of your party guests when they realize that the songs that they were going to madly cut a rug to were made by guys at a studio being paid by the hour in a sausage factory setting? You’ll have to spike the punch with half of Dad’s liquor cabinet in order to get anybody to show!

This was from Secret Hearts No. 112 published by DC Comics in 1966. It features the immediately recognizable art of Gene Colan on the cover and within. I would have to read up on comic history, but I wonder if he was working at Marvel at the same time. Back then, guys would work in whatever genre an editor threw at them, and they did them all very well. Of course, there were a lot more comics being printed back then and a lot more outlets to buy them.

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