The Capewell Glass Negative Collection – Baby in a Lodgepole Chair

This one is for Bill Bryan who admired the lodgepole chair in last week’s photograph of the Capewell Boys. John B Capewell, the photographer, must have really liked this chair since it is featured in a number of these glass negatives.

Baby in a Lodgepole ChairI’m not sure who the child is. It’s not one of the Capewell boys although it is the same chair in the same sizable backyard as the picture of the boys from last week. Once again, it’s in South Jersey, probably Westville which is just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. A closer look at the photo seems to indicate that this is a baby girl.

The lacey outfit and the bonnet makes me think it is a girl. I thought that it might be a Christening gown, but the child looks a little old for a Baptism.

Census records indicate that John and Ella had two boys. This may have been a cousin or niece or maybe a neighbor.

Here’s my original shot of the 5 x 7 glass negative which I had placed on a small light box and shot with a Nikon L11 locked down on a tripod. The image was cropped and adjusted in Photoshop.

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