Dating Disasters


I did this for Boulder Magazine a couple of years ago and had a good time working on it. This was one of three illustrations I did to accompany an article on when dates go bad. This is my favorite of the three. The dinner plates were cleared and an uncomfortable silence had fallen over the table as the conversation dried up. It was at that point that the gentleman decided to unveil the fruit of his sweat and toil at the gym in the middle of a restaurant’s dining room. The editor claimed it was based on a true story.

The other two were mild in comparison, but that wasn’t up to me. The editor is the boss!

This was done in brush marker, scanned into Photoshop and colored there. Tina provided the background pattern which she created in Illustrator.

Sorry about the big watermarks. I’ve heard some horror stories from other illustrators about there work being purloined. I have this particular image up at Flickr where it’s fairly popular for some reason so I’m going to be a little paranoid this time.

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