Dating Disaster Sketches


Sketches seem to be fairly popular (well, I like them) so I’m putting a couple more up today. These are from a series of dating disaster illustrations I did for Boulder Magazine. I wish I got assignments like this every day. I love drawing uncomfortable situations and fat people. I think if I could draw angst ridden chubbies every day I would be in Hog Heaven!

See the finish here, and I blogged about it earlier here.

restaurant-galI did the first drawing on some tracing paper. I was probably refining a sketchbook sketch. The drawing of the woman was done separately with a roller ball pen in a sketchbook. I scanned them and married them together and printed them on bristol in light blue. Then I used markers for the finished ink. I used to turn my nose up at markers, but the brush markers and Micron pens are terrific nowadays. It’s also getting hard finding decent bottled ink and brushes.

Finally, the image was colored in Photoshop.

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