Ode to a Long Gone 5 & 10¢ Store

WoolworthThis is a shot I took back in 1982 at around the same time I took this shot recently used by Philadelphia Magazine. This Woolworth’s was on Chestnut Street just off of Broad. It had everything you could want from a Five & Ten, and the place was always packed. It’s now an upscale furniture store that is nowhere near as packed as the former tenant and the basement is an enormous art supply store.

I took this shot to use up a roll of film for a photography class I had at the time. These frame wasters are a lot more interesting than the acts of art I was trying to commit at the time.

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2 Responses to Ode to a Long Gone 5 & 10¢ Store

  1. Kyle Skrinak says:

    Wow. Talk about stuff I took for granted at the time. That “luncheonette” font just makes me all the more wistful. Or maybe not. Cool shot, nonetheless.

  2. Joe Williams says:

    Thanks. I like that mix of san serif capitals with brush scripty fonts.

    I have a few more of these 1982 shots I will post here and there.

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