How to Draw Monsters by Larry Evans

eyeballLast week I wrote a post about the how-to-do-it book I got back in 1977 that has probably had the most influence over my illustration work. These visual ideas still rattle around my brain and often end up emerging from my pen in one form or another. I’ve decided to scan some of the pages from How to Draw Monsters and post them here for your edification. So come on along!

From How to Draw Monsters by Larry Evans

This is from page 58 in a section titled Space Monsters. Mr Evans had a wonderful pen and ink style that was full of detail, which is what I love, and full of whimsy. The illustrations are fun and they invite you to come along and have some fun.

I was hoping that by posting these images, I could connect with Larry Evans, but after doing some research, I’m sad to say that he has passed away. I have to dig a little deeper and will have more details along with more scans from How To Draw Monsters so stay tuned!

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