Ghosts of Philadelphia’s Past – Bellevue Health Baths

A couple years ago I was wandering around what’s known as Center City in Philadelphia when I took this picture.

Drucker's Bellevue Health BathsThis sign is on the corner of Sansom and Juniper between 13th and Broad. I’ve been up and down this street and this area a million times, but I never noticed this sign.

It looks brand new, but I had a feeling it wasn’t. It was just really well made.

Recently, Tina and I were going through our old art school negatives and she found this shot of 100 South Juniper Street.

I threw it on the scanner and did what I could with it. The negative had quite a curl to it which didn’t lend itself to scanning. If I had an oil mount setup and a fancier scanner, it would be a lot more crisp, but blown up, I could make out the lettering on the door.

It’s the health club, and it may have still been in operation back in 1981-82 when Tina shot this picture.

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