What I Miss About Comics – Coffee, Tea or Me

Tucked away in an issue of Special Marvel Edition No. 5 is yet another career training ad. This one is for career training for jobs in the airline industry, and it seems to push the fringe benefits of free airline travel and the possibility of meeting a Texas oil millionaire over the actual jobs themselves. Although the fellow with the cap looks like a pilot, I didn’t see anything on the ad regarding flight training. Come to think of it, stewardesses aren’t mentioned either. (They were stewardesses back then, and not flight attendants.) Oh, well. I guess ticketing is a fulfilling career. It is if you can finagle free air fare out of the deal.

As I said above, the ad is from an issue of Special Marvel Edition starring Sgt. Fury published in 1972. This was filled with Jack Kirby stories originally published in 1963 with a fantastic John Severin cover wrapped around it. He did a beautiful job drawing Dum Dum Dugan’s face, and I’ve always loved the muzzle flash from Fury’s machine gun. Beautiful job. My older brother probably bought it because of the cover. How could you pass it up for 20¢?

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