From Leaky Dikes to the U.S. Congress – Visual Metaphors

Here’s another Visual Metaphor that I created for a client that deals with executives and trains them in leadership and people skills. The client asks her client to come up with a 3-part list consisting of 1. Where they were, 2. Where they are now, and 3. Where they see themselves in the future. My job was to take the text and translate it visually.

In the first panel above, our client felt like the little Dutch boy trying to plug as many leaks in the dike as he could.

In the second panel above, the client is more in control and feels as if he is building something great.

In the last panel, he sees himself sort of like the President of the United States addressing congress.

I create these illustrations in Photoshop using stock photos, public domain photographs, photos I take myself and stuff I draw when I simply can’t find a photo. I think of montage sequences used for bridging scenes from classic movies when I’m approaching this work. I wonder how a great old director and cinematographer would convey this sort of information on film.

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