Deader Than A Philadelphia Nightclub

After last week’s Halloween radio matinee, I decided to offer up some more audio delights this week with the wondrous works of Mr. Jack Webb!

Before he was Joe Friday; before William Holden stole his girl in Sunset Boulevard, and well before he produced this show:

Before all of that, Jack Webb played a tough-as-nails private eye in the radio drama series Pat Novak for Hire who delivered a constant stream of hard-boiled patter that simply must be heard to be believed. It sounds like James Ellroy on Benzedrine or a Mad Magazine parody. The show contains incredible lines like “Sad as a tap dancer in moccasins,” and “I know more lost souls than a Hong Kong bartender” and the line below (click the little triangle to the left):


The line above is what caught my attention while I was listening to old time radio dramas streaming on my computer. You can listen to more Pat Novak programs below.

Downloadable Pat Novak for Hire shows can be found at the Internet Archive which is an absolute trove of public domain treasures!

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