Poor Old Johnnie Ray

Here is The Big Shot, a television drama from 1955 sponsored by General Electric, hosted by Ronald Reagan before he entered politics and starring teen heart-throb Johnnie Ray. Johnnie Ray has been said to be the bridge between crooner Frank Sinatra and rock and roller Elvis Presley. I think the description is apt. Although the arrangements of Johnnie’s hits were often dripping with syrup, he often poured his heart out on these songs laying his soul bare particularly in a song like Cry. I think the first time I heard Cry was when it was used during an intro to Happy Days. It always stuck with me. The sadness and longing in that song is absolutely haunting.

Anyway, here’s Johnnie in The Big Shot:

If you have trouble watching it here or want to download it, had over to the Internet Archive. It’s free!

Johnnie may have bridged Sinatra and Presley, but he didn’t enjoy the singing or acting career of either one. I wasn’t aware he ever acted until I tripped across this General Electric presentation.

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3 Responses to Poor Old Johnnie Ray

  1. JT says:

    until I tripped across this General Electric presentation.

    YOU may be entitled to compensation !

    Call Happy, Sleepy and Dopey, attorneys at law !

  2. Joe_Williams says:

    If you trip over something, and you don’t sue, does it make a sound?

  3. JT says:

    does it make a sound?

    You mean the attorney ?

    Yeah, it sounds like this…….

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