Truck Mascots – The Family Guy Edition

I spotted this Truck Mascot on 12th Street in what is known as Center City in Philadelphia. It’s a Peter Griffin doll from Family Guy, and he looks relatively new to wind up as the mascot on a commercial trash truck.Maybe somebody got it for a precocious niece or nephew for Christmas, but Mom and Dad didn’t want it in their house and it went out with the tree. The crew of the truck may have spied it on their route and couldn’t pass it up.

Eagle-eyed readers may recognize this Mack Truck from the Christmas Edition of Truck Mascots. Note the lettering on the front. Question marks, Rock-N-Roll and Hercules on the bumper. Fortunately these guys have really gotten into the spirit of the whole truck mascot thing. The city trash haulers don’t bother which is sad. These guys are having fun on the job.

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