Mystery of the Ghost Boy Solved!

We’re back again with another negative from the collection of 200 glass negatives shot by John B Capewell of Westville, NJ about 100 years ago. This is a follow-up to last week’s post featuring a ghostly figure in front of two boys and their snowman. This week the mystery of the ghost boy is solved!…or is it take 2, and the kid in front managed to stay still for the exposure? Now the kid on the right is a little fidgety. Long exposures and kids are a tough mix.

Here is the whole 5″ x 7″ negative.

Ghost Boy Mystery Solved

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The Glass Negatives – Before and After or Take 1 and Take 2

My guess is that it’s Westville, NJ in the background. It’s well before it was developed into a typical suburban town as it is now. Back then houses were large and situated on fairly extensive properties. Some of the negatives feature crops and livestock on the property, but you’ll have to stick around for those. Stay tuned!

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The Capewell Glass Negative Collection
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