Man in the Yellow Hat, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

I haven’t had much luck with this category having not spotted a Truck Mascot in quite some time. Private trash haulers are usually good for this urban phenomena of lashing discarded stuffed animals to the grills of their trucks, but I haven’t seen one in so long I was starting to suspect that there was some new governmental regulation barring the practice and spoiling my fun. I always have my camera on me but no luck.

That is until I spied this fellow lashed to a pickup in a Save-A-Lot parking lot on Washington Avenue in South Philadelphia.

It’s unusual to see a Truck Mascot lashed to a smaller truck and such a large one as poor Curious George here, but I appreciated the effort. I seriously doubt that the truck’s owner meant to mock the Crucifixion. I just think that he couldn’t stand to see everybody’s favorite children’s book chimpanzee meet an ignominious fate in a landfill and proudly mounted the critter to his grill.

Thanks, anonymous truck driver! You made my day!

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