Another Picture of City Hall

…with a little photo manipulation…

City Hall Variation

If you have checked out my Flickr photostream which is mostly a mixed bag of crap that interests me at the moment, you’ll see in a number of the photos there that I love perspective and lines of convergence. If I happen to see something that catches my eye and there are no busybodies gawking at that fella takin’ pitchers, I’ll grab out my camera for a quick snapshot or two. This was one of those times when I came out of the subway and was walking around City Hall when I saw this corner of that incredible building that I thought would fill a frame nicely.

Part of City Hall

Interesting building. Bland shot.

I started fiddling around in Photoshop with duplicating layers, threshold and color overlays and ended up with the spooky orange shot up top. Even crappy shots can be turned into something a little more interesting.

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