At Third and Market

3rd and MarketAs kids whenever we would discover something and loudly exclaim, “Look what I FOUND! my Dad would reply, “It wasn’t lost.” Such is the case with this art supply store I “found” for myself at 307 Market Street. I guess I haven’t been down to that end of town in a while. The place looks tiny from the outside but is surprisingly deep and packed to the gills with inventory. The small staff was exceedingly nice and helpful. I didn’t need anything, but I did not escape without spending a few bucks.

It looks like a mom-and-pop operation, but is part of an employee-owned chain. I thought it was a little family business until I noticed how much stock they had and how decently everything was priced. It feels like a coffee shop inside that doesn’t serve coffee, and my guess is the clients eat it up.

Me? I just want to find what I’m looking for and not pay a king’s ransom. They carry 0.9mm red mechanical pencil leads which I’ve looked for and never found anywhere else and Golden Digital Grounds. I think I have a new regular art supply store.

Find them on the internet HERE.

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  1. admin says:

    Thanks for commenting, Mike! Apparently it’s been open for a couple of years, and I never noticed until I tripped across it. It’s about a block away from the El stop at Second and Market, and what’s nice is that they don’t try to foist a “discount card” or “customer care card” on you! Packed to the gills with stuff and close to AJ Cappelli’s which is still open!

  2. Mike Leeke says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the Art supply store. This must have openned up in the last year. Good to find alternatives to Utrecht and Dick Blicks.

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