A Sad Shrek

Truck MascotsSad Shrek dollHere’s another example of the urban phenomena I refer to as Truck Mascots. Truck Mascots are discarded stuffed animals that are usually lashed to the grills of large industrial trucks although this one is attached to a pickup. This driver adorned his vehicle with a large Shrek figure that looks like a bootleg won at a carnival. Somebody spent a lot of time, money and dexterity acquiring this cartoon character only to discard it. Sad.

Although the owner of this truck should be commended for his enthusiastic embrace of the Truck Mascot spirit, his parking abilities seem to be sadly lacking.sad-shrek-2

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2 Responses to A Sad Shrek

  1. Old NFO says:

    Another strange meme… Sigh. At least it isn’t truck balls.

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