Walking West on Locust

Walking West on LocustHere’s another shot of the corner of Broad & Locust shot by the fabulous Tina Garceau back at the dawn of the 1980s. It seems she liked shooting at this particular corner which is about a block from where the Philadelphia College of Art was once situated.

Notice the Eagle II in the background which served food and libations 24 hours a day. (I always wondered if there was an Eagle I and where it was located.) Also notice Andrew’s Discount on the corner which has been a restaurant now for a few decades. I’ve heard that the whole corner is slated for demolition to be replaced by something considerably less interesting.

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2 Responses to Walking West on Locust

  1. Old NFO says:

    One wonders what the little old lady had seen in her life?

  2. Joe_Williams says:

    True. It was 1981 in this picture, and this lady had probably seen most of the twentieth century.

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