Walking Up 15th

15th Street Circa 1981Tina Garceau was one of many illustration majors at The Philadelphia College of Art forced to required to take an elective course in photography. She and an army of other art students scoured the streets of The City of Brotherly Love looking for compelling images and scraping together 1.5 credits.

Tina took a number of photos in the vicinity of  15th and Locust Street which probably didn’t seem too remarkable back then, but due to the passage of time and the march of “progress” this photo has a lot of fascinating, little details. Bookbinders which was a famous eatery back when gorging oneself on surf ‘n’ turf was fine dining is now an Applebee’s, and I love the Inquirer honor box declaring it as The Bicentennial Paper! It’s not a great photo, but it certainly catches a decade not so very long ago in a city I love.

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