Changed My Mind

I was all set to use another cheap sketchbook hoping that it would turn into another Sketchbook from Heaven when I found the sketchbook pictured above . This was also a Christmas gift purchased from a big box store by my wife. I got it; had a chuckle, and put it aside forgetting that I had it.

This has a particularly childish cover that may get some odd looks on the Market-Frankford El. I will probably encrust it with stickers as it gets beat up by the rigors of my commute. The paper is pretty thin. It’s not quite toilet paper but close. Markers bleed through the pages. I doubt that I will commit any masterpieces to it’s pages, but this goofy sketchbook is really handy for scrawling down ideas.

As I get a little deeper, I’ll let you know if this is a Heavenly sketchbook or a scribble pad for kids which was the original intent . Stay tuned.

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