Genesis of The Seeburg Jukebox Costume

So Halloween was fast approaching and Tina and I started to kick around costume ideas for our son. What to do? What to do?

Halloween 2007

In 2007, he was a bunch of grapes which was a great costume. It was Tina’s idea. Easy to make. Easy to get on and off. No mask because our trick-or-treater wasn’t going to do a mask at the time. Doors were a little tough, but it was a hit.

What can’t be seen in the photo is a grape leaf Tina sewed and tacked onto the shoulder.

Halloween 2008

Halloween 2008

With the balloons off, I told people our kid was dressed as Bob Fosse.

In 2008, we started to up the ante creatively. Tina always wanted to make a robot costume so we took a shot at it. We made a robot costume with lots of metallic paper and electric lights so it would really stand out in the dark, and it did. Our boy didn’t mind wearing it and people in his trick or treating range loved it. Win-win!

Halloween 2009

Halloween 2009

2009 came along , and we still had cardboard on the brain. We decided on another box based costume, but this one was going to be more refined. A vending machine!

I posted about this a year ago. The curious may read about it here.

So what to do? We kicked around ideas and cursed ourselves for not keeping the vending machine. Some cosmetic switcheroos and it could have been a wonderful and wonderfully subversive cigarette machine!

Nah. No dice.

Tina wanted to do an iPod, but I thought it was too topical. Besides, that sleek industrial design doesn’t really do anything for me.

Now that I think of it, dressing as a Zune would have been pretty funny. The kid who trick-or-treats alone.


Wankel Rotary Engine?

No. Takes too long to explain.

Dancing pack of Old Gold Cigarettes?


Time was wasting. What to do?

To be continued

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